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Malta 1918-1941

In 1921 Malta was granted the so-called Amery-Milner Constitution which provided for Maltese self government in domestic affairs, while national defense, foreign policy, foreign representation and other areas remained the responsibility of the Imperial government.
In 1930 and again in 1932 the constitution was suspended, the island governor ruling autocratically. In 1939 a new constitution, the so-called MacDonald Constitution, was enacted, supposedly to reintroduce self-government. But by then the international situation changed drastically; from September 1939 onward, Malta, being a part of the British Empire, was at war with Germany.

The Maltese population numbered 241.621 in 1931, 267,000 in 1937; they almost exclusively were Roman Catholics. In 1937 there were 3,149 cars, 598 busses and 870 trucks in Malta. Government expenses (1,251.000 Pound Sterling in 1936/37) slightly exceeded government revenue (1,209,000 Pound). Imports exceeded exports by a factor of 40:1; main import items were food (wheat, sugar, fodder), textiles, metalwares. The island economy was based on agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery - and the British Naval Station, which provided for many jobs, but also contributed considerably to the heavy trade imbalance.

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