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The Kingdom of Sardinia, 1795-1815

Since 1795, French Revolutionary troops were campaigning in Northern Italy, and Duke CHARLES EMANUEL IV. of Piemont fled to Sardinia, a territory his dynasty had acquired in 1720, and set up residence in CAGLIARI (1799). Here he was protected by the British fleet.
His Duchy was transformed into the PIEMONTESE REPUBLIC (1798), then occupied by the Russians (1799) in the 2nd Coalition War, then taken by the French again who established the SUBALPINE REPUBLIC. Charles Emanuel abdicated in 1802 and was succeeded by his brother VICTOR EMMANUEL I. In 1805, France annexed the region; in 1814 Victor Emmanuel restored his dynasty. The Vienna Kingress of 1815 added the former GENOESE REPUBLIC to the Kingdom of Sardinia-Piemont.

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The History of Sardinia by Luigi Filippini, textversion , illustrated version
DOCUMENTS Coins of the French Revolution and the First Empire2 : 20 Soldi, 1795, 20 Soldi, 1796

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