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Parthenopean Republic, 1799, and restored Kingdom of Naples 1799-1806

Naples was occupied by French troops in January 1799. The Bourbons fled, and the Pathenopean Republic was proclaimed on Jan. 24th (without Sicily, which, protected by Nelson's fleet, could not be conquered). It was named after Parthenope, an ancient name for Naples.
During it's brief history (of less than 6 months) the republic underwent constitutional changes : from Jan. to March, a Provisional Government, headed by a president, was in charge; in April it was replaced by an Executive Committee, in June by a short-lived Executive Directory (in case of the last two a mere change in names, as the president, Ercole D'Agnese, was one and the same).
Among the few reforms that were enacted was the establishment of press freedom; patriotic-republican newspapers were founded.
Already in February, the republic was counterattacked by a royalist army, the Sanfedisti (Followers of the Holy Faith), lead by Cardinal Ruffo (who had returned from exile with a force of English, Russian and Ottoman soldiers) ; in June the city and republic fell, largely due to the assistance provided by the British fleet (Admiral Nelson) to Ruffo. In the course of action, 80,000 Neapolitans were killed.
The Bourbon kingdom was reestablished. King Ferdinand appointed Englishman Lord Acton prime minister.
When the French occupied southern Italy again in 1805, the Bourbons again fled. The Parthenopean Republic, however, was not reestablished; the Kingdom of Naples continued under a new Dynasty, established by Napoleon. Again, Sicily was not part of it.

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