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Until 1530 . Malta was a possession of the Kingdom of Sicily. On Malta, Arab legacy (Sicily had been under Arab rule from 827 to 1060) had lasted on; the language of the Maltese is a form of Arabic spelled in the Latin alphabet. The population had been converted to Catholicism, though.

1530-1798 . The Knights Hospitaller had been expelled from Rhodes in 1522. In 1530, Emperor Charles V. granted Malta to them as a fief. The knights paid an annual tribute to Spain, and practically ran Malta as a state of its own, until it was captured by France in 1798.
The Knights undertook naval campaigns against Muslim corsairs and North African coastal cities and they were themselves exposed to an Ottoman attack in 1565. In the 17th century the power of the Order declined.

1798-1964 . In 1798 the French, on their way to Egypt, forced the Order to surrender. Just before, the Order had chosen Czar Paul I. of Russia as their grand master. The British took Malta in 1800. They refused the Russian request to return the island to the Knights of St. John, which caused Russia to leave the 2nd coalition.
Britain held on to Malta until 1964. During World War II, Malta ("the unsinkable carrier") was an isolated British outpost which was of vital importance to the Allied war effort.

Since 1964 . In 1964 Malta gained political independence. In 2004 it joined the EU.

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