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Belgium 1969-1990

In 1970 the first of 4 steps was undertaken to change Belgium's constitution from a centralist into a federal one, a process being concluded in 1995. Belgium now consists of 3 COMMUNITIES (the Flemish, the French and the German-speaking community) and 3 regions (Flanders, Wallonia, the Brussels region).
Belgian political parties are organized on community lines; in Belgium's parliament a multitude of small to medium-size political parties are represented. The formation of coalition governments is difficult, as there are many parties involved. As a consequence, political and administrative posts often are filled on the based of party affiliation (whose turn is it ?) rather than on qualification, a structure at the basis of problems and scandals.
Over the years the Belgian Franc had lost in value. Belgium from the late 1960es onward followed the policy of the Deutsche Bundesbank, with the consequence that the Belgian Franc now became a hard currency. On the other hand, the government had to restrain itself from interfering in National Bank policy.
Belgians A. CLAUDE and CHR. DE DUWE were awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1974.

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