History of Northern Africa Canary Islands, 1402-1496

Canary Islands, until 1402

Visited in antiquity by Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans, described by STRABO as the FORTUNATE ISLANDS.
Rediscovered by the Arabs (Ben Farroukh, 999), Aragonese (1330) and Genoese (1341). At that time the islands were inhabited by a people called GUANCHES, monotheistic people living in petty kingdoms.
In 1385 a Castilian expedition depopulated Lanzarote. In 1402, JEAN DE BETHENCOURT, a Norman nobleman lead an expedition of 53 men, which established a foothold on Lanzarote. He then went to Sevilla, where he placed his conquest in progress under the sovereignty of Castile.

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REFERENCE Salvador Lopez Herrera, Die Kanarischen Inseln. Ein Geschichtlicher Überblick (The Canary Islands, a Historical Overview), Madrid 1978, in German

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