1939-1975 History of Northern Africa

Canary Islands, since 1975

After the death of dictator Francisco Franco, Spain adopted democracy and granted independence to it's African colonies.
The population of the Canary Islands, christian and Spanish-speaking, felt Spanish; several organizations advocating independence had emerged in the Franco years, but with Franco gone independence was much less desirable and did not materialize. In 1982 the islands' two provinces were granted status of autonomy.
Spain's entry into the EEC in 1986 meant a great boost for the islands' economy; tourism continued to increase.

History of La Palma, from ing.iac.es
The Canary Islands, from Infoplease
DOCUMENTS Flags of the Canaries Province (La Palma) and of Santa Cruz, from FOTW
Flags of various Independence-oriented organizations, from FOTW

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