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Northeast Africa 1829, posted by PCL, UTexas (Eustache Herisson)
Africa 1885 (Scottish Geogr. Magazine), posted by PCL, UTexas
Africa 1886 (Berthelot 1888), posted by MSU
Africa 1890, from Encyclopaedia Britannica Amer. edition, posted by PCL, UTexas
Africa, 1891 (Brockhaus/Efron, Russian edition, 1890-1904), posted by MSU
Africa in 1892, from Gardiner's Atlas of English History, 1892

Colonial Africa, 1906-1912, from Historical and Political Maps of the Modern Age


An Islamic sultanate located in the western Sudan; Islam state religion since c. 1700. In the 1780es, Sultan Kuhammad Tayrab defeated KORDOFAN, which remained a dependency of Darfur until it was conquered by Egypt. In 1835 Darfur briefly conquered neighboring WADAI, located in modern Chad. In 1874 the Sultan of Darfur recognized the suzerainty of Khedive Ismail of EGYPT. In 1883 Darfur became part of the Mahdi State; after the collapse of the latter in 1898, Darfur recognized the sovereignty of the Anglo-Egyptian administration of the Sudan.
Early in World War I, the Sultan of Darfur transferred his allegiance to the Ottoman Sultan and declared the jihad against the British. A British expedition occupied Darfur and terminated the Sultanate (1916).

Article Darfur, in EB 1911. Deals with the history, especially during the 19th century.
Darfur, from sudanupdate.com
Ethnicity from Perception to Cause of Violent Conflicts: The Case of the Fur and Nuba Conflicts in Western Sudan, by Mohamed Suliman, posted by IFAA, paper focussed on recent events, rooted in history
Josephine Bakhita - an African Saint, from afrol.com
People Profile : the Fur of Sudan and Chad, from SLRK
Article Zobeir Rabama, in EB 1911, Arab condottiere; conqueror of Darfur (1874)
DOCUMENTS Regnal Chronologies : Northern Africa, scroll down for Darfur
List of Sultans of Darfur, from almanach.be
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Article : Darfur, in : International Year Book 1898 p.257 [G]

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