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Literature on the History of East Africa
Sudan Egypt
First posted on March 10th 2005, last revised on October 31st 2006


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Historical Atlas, Sudan Page

Article Darfur, in Wikipedia; EB 1911. Deals with the history, especially during the 19th century.
Darfur, from sudanupdate.com
Ethnicity from Perception to Cause of Violent Conflicts: The Case of the Fur and Nuba Conflicts in Western Sudan, by Mohamed Suliman, posted by IFAA, paper focussed on recent events, rooted in history
Josephine Bakhita - an African Saint, from afrol.com
People Profile : the Fur of Sudan and Chad, from SLRK
Article Zobeir Rabama, in EB 1911, Arab condottiere; conqueror of Darfur (1874)
Article : Darfur, from Meyers Konversationslexikon 1885-1892, in German
Darfur Liberation Front, from GlobalSecurity.org
Fouad Ibrahim, Ideas on the Background of the Present Conflict in Darfur, has short historical overview
Mohamed Suliman, Ethnicity from Perception to Cause of Violent Conflicts - The ase of the Fur and Nuba Conflicts in Western Sudan (1997)
History of Darfur, from Darfur Rehabilitation Project
DarfurTimeline, from Islamic Relief
Darfur Sultanate, 1596-1916, from Global Security
DOCUMENTS Sudan : Traditional Polities, from World Statesmen, scroll down for Darfur
Governors of Darfur State, from World Statesmen, scroll down for Darfur
Governors of Egyptian Darfur, from World Statesmen
Regnal Chronologies : Northern Africa, scroll down for Dar al Masalit, Darfur, Nubia (Sennar, Funj), Shilluk,
R.S. O'Fahey, A Hitherto 'Unknown' Darfur King-List
Historical Population Statistics : Sudan, administrative divisions, from Population Statistics
Darfur Conflict, Key Documentation, from ISS, Index to documents 2004-2005
Newspaper Archive, site requiring reguistration and charging a modest fee; on Oct. 30th 2006 has 1,753 articles on Darfur
Coin Catalog of Darfur, from Numismaticon
REFERENCE M.W. Daly, Darfur's Sorrow, A History of Destruction and Genocide, Cambridge : UP 2007 [G]
P.M. Holt, A Modern History of the Sudan, NY : Grove Press 1961 [G]
Insurgencies in Sudan, Uganda and Zaire, pp.203-227, in : John W. Turner, Continent Ablaze. The Insurgency Wars in Africa, 1960 to the Present, London : Cassell 1998 [G]
C. Fluehr-Lobban, R.A. Lobban, J.O. Voll, Historical Dictionary of the Sudan, Metuchen : Scarecrow 1992
Articles : Darfur pp.144-146, in : James Minahan, Nations without States, A Historical Dictionary of Contemporary National Movements, Westport CT : Greenwood 1996 [G]

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