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Literature on the History of North Africa
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First posted on July 4th 2002, last revised May 13th 2013

Spain claimed possession of Rio de Oro in 1884, of Saguia el Hamra in 1912 and of Cabo Juby in 1912 (effective occupation 1916).
In 1939 Rio de Oro and Saguia el Hamra were jopined to form the Spanish Sahara; Cabo Juby (long administered as an annex) was annexed into the Spanish Sahara in 1948, but ceded to Morocco in 1957.
When Spain withdrew from the Spanish Sahara in 1975, the country was partitioned by Morocco and Mauritania. The Polisario (Western Sahara Liberation Front), supported by Algeria, fought the occupation. Mauritania withdrew in 1978, and Morocco also occupied the south. Morocco had a series of walls built, which resulted in effective Moroccan control within the walls.
While the Western Sahara is recognized by a number of governments, Morocco remains in control of the larger, and economically more valuable part of the country.

Western Sahara since 1976 . Spanish Sahara, 1936-1976 . Spanish Sahara, 1924-1936 . Rio de Oro 1884-1924

Timeline : Western Sahara
Historical Atlas, Western Sahara


note : In 1975, the Spanish administration of what until then was referred to as the Spanish Sahara was terminated. Morocco and Mauretania partitioned the Western Sahara; in 1978 Mauretania withdrew and Morocco absorbed the entire Western Sahara. A Sahrawi exile government, with Algerian support, was formed in 1976.
Morocco's annexation of the Western Sahara has not been internationally recognized. Many of the websites below refer to the exile government. A number of links below will only refer to organizations representing the SADR / regard the Moroccan hold of the territory illegitimate. User discretion is advised
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