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Abbreviations : NSW = New South Wales, NT = Northern Territories, QLD = Queensland, SA = South Australia, TAS = Tasmania, VIC = Victoria, WA = Western Australia

European Exploration : First recorded sighting by V.O.C. employee Willem Janszoon 1606.

Colonization - Claim : Botany Bay (NSW) 1788, Albany (WA) 1791

Colonization - Date of First Settlement : NSW 1788, TAS 1803, WA 1827, SA 1836.

Colonization - Establishment of Colonies as Administrative Units : NSW 1788, Van Diemens Land 1825 (renamed Tasmania 1856), WA 1827, SA 1836, Victoria 1851 (separated from NSW), QLD 1859 (separated from NSW), NT (1824-1863 part of NSW; 1863-1912 part of SA; since 1912 separate), In 1901 the colonies of NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC and WA established the Commonwealth of Australia.

Name : During much of the 19th century, the Australian colonies were listed as part of Australasia, together with New Zealand and islands of the western Pacific. "Australia" was a commonly used geographical term long before it was officially adopted in 1899.

Development of Democracy : NSW parliament established in 1823, WA parliament established 1832, SA parliament established 1840, VIC parliament established 1851, TAS parliament established 1856, QLD parliament established 1859. Universal adult male suffrage (over 21) introduced 1855 (SA) - 1858 (NSW) except for TAS (1896). SA granted universal adult women's suffrage in 1895, WA in 1900, the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901.

Demography and Ethnography : Until 1787, Australia sparsely inhabited by native Australians called aborigines.
1788 begin of European immigration. Early Colonization; NSW Penal Colony 1788-1823 (the first free immigrants arrived in NSW in 1793). Victorian Gold Rush (from 1851 onward) resulted in sharply increased immigration figures. The Suez Canal and improving technology made possible ocean liners to regularly service the connection between England and Australia.
The first Chinese immigrant arrived in 1818; during the 19th century, large numbers of Chinese "coolies" were brought into the country, as cheap labour. The Australian workers of European descent (who felt threatened by cheap Chinese competition, and who, in contrast to their Chinese competitors, had the right to vote) successfully campaigned for the termination of Chinese and other Asian immigration (White Australia Policy 1901-1973). Now, Pacific islanders were brought to Australia to provide cheap labour. In 1983 the last voting restrictions based on race were lifted.

Timeline : Australia

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European Association for Studies of Australia, International Australian Studies Association
Historical Dictionary Ancyclopedia of Australian Science
Timelines Timeline, from BBC News; from timelines.ws
Accounts of History Current Article from Wikipedia : History of Australia
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Article : European exploration of Australia, Wikipedia
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Politics Political Resources on the Web : Australia
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Social History J.A. Thompson, A contribution to the history of leprosy in Australia 1897, IA
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Australian Women's History Forum
Skwirk : Australia after 1945 : Changing rights and freedoms : Women
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Illawarra Shoalhaven Public Health District, History of Public Health in Australia
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Biographies Australian Dictionary of Biography
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Staatskalender Australian Bureau of Statistics, Year Book Australia 1908-2012
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Dutch Archives Nationaal Archief (NL), Nederlandse Emigranten in Australië
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Nationaal Archief (NL), Inventaris van het archief van het Ministerie van Marine : Marinecommandant Australië, tot 27 oktober 1943 tevens Onderbevelhebber der Strijdkrachten in het Oosten en daarbij gedeponeerde archiefbescheiden, 1942-1947
Constitutions, Laws ComLaw Online (Commonwealth of Australia Law)
Treaties Australian Treaties Library, Foreign Policy Documents
Australia, pp.140-201 in vol.5 of Treaties and Other International Agreements of the United States of America 1776-1949, 1976, GB
Consular Reports Foreign Relations of the United States 1851-1958/1960
Historic School Textbooks
Document Surveys K. Bagnall, Digging deep: sources for Chinese-Australian history in NSW
Document Collections Australian History : Links to Online Primary Sources
Wikisource, Portal : Australia
Documenting a Democracy - Australia's Story, posted by Commonwealth of Australia
John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library, Investigating Ausatralia's History through Primary Sources, 55 docs
G.H. Swinburne, A source book of Australian history 1919, IA
New South Wales Family History Document Service, Over 30,000 pages of online records for family history research in New South Wales, Australia.
Individual Documents Bradshaw's Railway Manual, Shareholder's Guide, and Official Directory 1905 NSW State p.400, QLD State p.409, SA State p.409, TAS State p.415, VIC State p.417, IA
Historical Maps Responsible Institutions Australian Government, Geoscience Australia
Mapping and Imagery, NSW Land and Property Information
Mapping and Surveying, QLD Government
Land Information System, Tasmania
collections Historical Maps, Australia and the Pacific, PCL, UTexas
Historical Maps, Melbourne University Map Collection
Queensland Historical Atlas
Australia, Modern Geoscience Australia, Palaeogeographic Atlas
Australia, Historical Historical Diagrams showing the Subdivision of Australia, 10-map scan of 1904 posted by Australian Empire
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Wikimedia Commons : Australia (Colton 1855)
Detail, Modern Atlas of South Australia
Queensland Historical Atlas
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Northern Territories, Historic Map Index
Encyclopedia Entries
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Parliamentary Debates Parliament of Australia, Search Hansard 1901-
Parliament of South Australia, Hansard 1993-
Parliament of Western Australia, Hansard 1996-
Parliament of Tasmania Hansard 1992-
Queensland Parliament Hansard 1990-
Parliament of Victoria Hansard 1991-
Parliament of New South Wales Hansard 1882-
Postal Routes etc. Search Bradshaw's continental railway, steam transit, and general guide 1853, 1859, 1861, 1862, 1863, 1864, 1865, 1866, GB, for Australia
Tourist Guides D. MacKenzie, The emigrant's guide, or, Ten years' practical experience in Australia, 1845, IA
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Institutions Archives Directory of Archives in Australia
National Archives of Australia
Musea National Museum of Australia
Sovereign Hill Gold Museum, Ballarat
Monuments Monument Australia (private website)
Libraries National Library of Australia
National Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Flag, from FOTW; Coat of Arms, from International Civic Heraldry
National Anthem, from National Anthems, from David's National Anthem Reference Page
Coins, Banknotes Banknotes from Australia, from World Currency Museum; from Ron Wise's World Paper Money
R. Nason, A little piece of my heartíŽ The Convict Love Token collection of the National Museum of Australia
Stamps Rare Australia, Australian States Stamps, from Sandafayre Stamp Gallery; Australia Stamps 1912-1914, from Stamps Catalogue 1840-1920, by Evert Klaseboer, subfiles to various Australian States

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Bibliography for Australian Aboriginal Studies
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Convicts to Australia Bibliography
Australia's Muslim Cameleers, Bibliography
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Autralian Literature Resource, Banned in Australia, The Banned in Australia AustLit Research community and this bibliography collects literary publications that were prohibited as imports into twentieth-century Australia, tracing the main arch of federal publications censorship from 1901 to 1973.
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Historical Society of South Australia, Bookshop
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