Australia Straits Settlements
First posted on November 25th 2004

Note : not to be confused with Christmas Island (Kirimati) in the Gilbert Islands Group (present Kiribati)

Timeline : Christmas Island
Historical Atlas : Straits Settlements Page

History, from Christmas Island Tourism Association
Christmas Island, from CIA World Factbook
Territories of Australia : Christmas Island, from Govt. of Australia, Dept. of Transport and Regional Services
Christmas Island National Park
The Territory of Christmas Island, Fact Sheet, from National Archives of Australia
Article Christmas Island, from Wikipedia
Museum of New Zealand : Nuclear Test, Kiritimati (Christmas Islands)
Article : Christmas Island, from Education Encyclopedia
DOCUMENTS Flag of Christmas Island, rom FOTW
REFERENCE Robert D. Craig and Franklin P. King, Historical Dictionary of Oceania, Westport CT : Greenwood 1981 [G]

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