Belarus since 1991

Ex-Communist Alexander Lukashenko became the dominating figure in Belorussian politics. In 1994 elected president, he maintains a solid hold onto political power, the opposition resorting to occasional demonstrations against what they see abuse of power by the president.
Belarus, after independence, pursued the policy of seeking close ties with Russia; in 1996 Belarus and Russia entered an economic union. Belarus' relations with Poland (over the treatment of ethnic Polish citizens of Belarus) and with the EU are strained; the EU twice imposed a travel ban against President Lukashenko.
Belarus is dependent on cheap imports of Russianh oil and gas; the transition from communist planned economy to free market economy, as far as it was implemented, resulted in a severe crisis. Following two bad harvests, in 1998 the Belorussian Rouble was devalued by half, and temporarily food rationing was introduced. In the last years, Belorussia's economy recovered, showing a growth rate of 11 % in 2004. The population dropped from an estimated 10,180,000 in 1991 to an estimated 9,950,000 in 2002.

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