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First posted on May 13th 2002, last revised on December 2nd 2013

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1763-1833 . 1833-1918 . 1918-1982 . Since 1982

Islands of the South Atlantic
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St. Helena
Tristan da Cunha
Fernando de Noronha
Falkland Islands
South Georgia
South Orkney Islands
South Shetland Islands




1501 Portuguese
1502 Portuguese, 1651 British
1506 Portuguese
1763 British
1775 British

1763-1833 . The Falkland Islands had been claimed by Britain since 1763, but not settled. When the British established the settlement of Port Stanley in 1833, they found a Spanish-speaking population, which was forcefully evacuated (to Argentina, which was in disarray; Argentina would continue to claim the islands).

1833-1918 . In 1908 South Georgia and the South Shetland Islands were placed under the Falkland Islands.
In World War I, the sea off the Falkland Islands on Dec. 8th 1914 became the scene of a naval battle between a British and a German naval squadron, the German, commanded by Admiral Graf Spee, coming from the Pacific, attempting to break through to blockaded Germany. The British, commanded by Frederick Sturdee, suffering heavy losses, were victorious.

1918-1982 . In 1947-1948 - Britain being in the process of releasing India, Pakistan, Ceylon and Burma into independence - Argentina and Chile challenged Britain's claim on the Falkland Islands and sent a naval expedition; it took diplomatic pressure to avert a crisis. The British flag kept waiving on the Falkland Islands.
After World War I, some nations unilaterally extended their sovereignty over segments of sea (fishery) / ocean floor (mineral deposits) within a distance of 200 nautical miles from the coast. This highly increased the strategic value of islands located far from any coast, such as it was the case with the South Atlantic islands.
Britain, in the process of decolonization and economic decline, had lost much of her reputation as a Great Power; what once was a mighty empire covering a quarter of the world's land surface by 1965 was reduced to an empire still spanning the globe, but outside the British isles, consisting of a number of strategic possessions with mostly small populations, often speaking English and identifying themselves as British, as in the case of Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands.
Argentina still claimed the islands in Argentina called Islas Malvinas, less important for the revenue the c.2,000 settlers generated, but rather for the prospective mineral deposits on the sea floor surrounding the islands. The Argentine military dictatorship (Gen. Galtieri), in an attempt to distract from failed domestic policies, ordered the invasion of the Falkland Islands and the Falkland dependency of South Georgia (Operation Rosario, April 1982). The islands of 12,000 square km and a population of then under 2,000 were inadequately defended; the Argentinian occupation a fait accompli. The Argentinian leadership gambled, hoping that Britain would regard the option of war as too costly.
British PM Margaret Thatcher was resolved to retaliate; a British fleet was sent into the South Atlantic, the islands liberated in June 1982. War had not been declared by either side. Total casualties were 258 British and 649 Argentinians killed. The liberation of the Falkland Islands had cost Britain 700 million Pound Sterling (NYT Oct. 27th 1982; then 1.19 billion US Dollars).

since 1982 . In 1983 the military dictatorship in Argentina returned power to a democratically elected government, and ever since Argentina is a functioning democracy. While Argentina continues to claim the Falkland Islands, it does not pursue a military option, and relations with Britain have improved.
Compared to the days prior to the Argentine invasion of 1982, Britain has increased its military presence on the islands. Maintaining such a military presence is a continuing burden on the British taxpayer. In recent years the population has increased from c.1,800 prior to the 1982 war to c.3,000 as of 2005; the population now, to a greater extent than before, is concentrated in the capital Stanley. The 1985 constitution introduced democratically elected self-government. The exploitation of the islands' natural resources, long neglected, has begun; the licensing of fishery rights in the seas off the Falklands brings additional revenue.

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