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First posted on November 30th 2010

A dispute over the form of government resulted in the secession of Ecuador and Venezuela from Gran Colombia in 1830; the remainder (modern Colombia with Panama) in 1831 took on the new name of Republic of New Granada (1831-1863). In 1863 it was renamed Colombia.

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Country Profiles Modern Article : Republic of New Granada, from Wikipedia
Article : Republica de la Nueva Granada, from Wikipedia Spanish edition
Links Categoria : Republica de la Nueva Granada, from Wikipedia Spanish edition
Organizations Asociacion Colombiana de Historiadores
Asociacion Colombiana de Historia Economica
Asociacion Colombiana de Historia Regional y Local
Asociacion Lesseps
Instituto Colombiana de Antropologia e Historia
Historical Dictionaries T.C. Mosquera, Diccionario geografico de los Estados Unidos de Colombia (1868) in Spanish, posted on Internet Archive
J.E. Ortiz, Diccionario jeografico de los Estados Unidos de Colombia (1879) in Spanish, posted on Internet Archive
Accounts of History Modern Article : Republic of New Granada, from Wikipedia
Article : Historia de la Nueva Granada, from Wikipedia Spanish edition
Specific Periods
Economy & Finances J.D. Powles, New Granada: its internal resources, 1863, GB
Social History
History of Regions
Local History List of Cities in Colombia, from Wikipedia
History of Bogota, from Bogota D.C., Wikipedia
History of Barranquilla, Cartagena
Cali, Leticia, Medellin, from Wikipedia
Others Neotropic Ecoregion, from WWF
F. Molina, Costa Rica and New Granada: An inquiry into the question of boundaries, 1853, GB

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Treaties P.I. Cadena, Coleccion de tratodos publicos de los Estados Unidos de Colombia (1884) in Spanish, posted on Internet Archive
Consular Reports
Chamber of Commerce Reports
Document Collections Documentos Historicos : Colombia, from Wikisource Spanish edition
Incredibili, Encyclica by Pope Pius IX., Sept. 17th 1863, On Persecution in New Granada
Historical Maps Category : Maps of the Republic of Nueva Granada, from Wikimedia Commons
Cartografia Historica de Colombia
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Residence Memoirs
Institutions Archives, Musea, Libraries Archivo General de la Nacion, Colombia; Archivo Nacional de Panama
Museo Nacional de Colombia
Biblioteca Nacional de Panama; Biblioteca Nacional de Colombia
Official Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Flag, from FOTW
Coins, Banknotes Article : Currency of Colombia, from Wikipedia

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