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First posted on June 1st 2009, last revised on Dec. 10th 2013

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History and Administrative Division . Halland, is located on Sweden's North Sea coast. Until 1645 it belonged to the Kingdom of Denmark; in Halland Scanian law applied; therefore, Halland, together with Blekinge, is sometimes referred to as one of the Scanian lands. In 1645 and 1658 ceded to Sweden, for several decades the sympathies of the Hallanders lay with Denmark. First administered as a (conquered) province, Swedish law was introduced in 1683, and in 1719 Halland was declared a Län (County - Halland Län, also called Halmstads Län, after the regional capital), i.e. given an equal status to Swedish administrative regions. An administrative reform in 1970 affected Halland's borders, which until then had remained unaltered since Sweden's acquisition of the territory in 1645.

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