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First posted on May 31st 2009, last revised on December 8th 2013

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Jämtland, in 19th century sources spelled Jemtland, pronounced Yamtland, is a landlocked region located in central Scandinavia, the center of which is the city of Östersund (est. in 1786). It is located east of the old Norwegian capital of Trondhjem (Drontheim, Nidaros).
From 1178 to 1645 Jämtland was part of the Kingdom of Norway (since 1583 contested by Sweden), since 1645 part of the Kingdom of Sweden (although until 1679 the sympathies of the Jämtlanders lay with Norway; the Jämtlanders were given the full rights of Swedish subjects only in 1699).
In 1634 Jämtland and Härjedalen (respectively the Swedish claim to it, as the territories were only annexed in 1645) were allocated to Västernorrland. In 1762 Gävleborgs Län (with Härjedalen) was split off Västernorrland; Jämtland remained with the latter. Jämtland (or Östersund) Län (Jämtland / Östersund County) in its present borders was established in 1810 by separating it from Västernorrland, at the same time it was enlarged by the annexation of Härjedalen and minor stretches of adjacent historical territories. The term Jämtland (Jemtland in Norwegian) is still mostly applied to the pre-1762 historical region. A number of modern organizations for Jämtlands Län refer to themselves as Jämtlands och Härjedalens Idrottsföreningen etc.

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