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Burma, 1919-1937

Students at RANGOON UNIVERSITY (founded in 1920) protested against British rule in 1936; in 1939 AUNG SAN was elected president of the We Burmans Association.
Administration . Since acquired by Britain in 1824 / 1852 / 1886, Burmese territory had been administrated as an annex to British India. This changed in 1935, when the Government of Burma Act was passed; in 1937 Burma was separated from British India and declared a separate crown colony. The capital was Rangoon. Until 1923, the administration of Burma was headed by a Lieutenant Governor; in 1923 the post was elevated to governor.

The Rise of Burmese Nationalism . In 1927 Buddhist monk Saya San surveyed the living conditions of the Burmese peasants. When the British administration implemented a tax on the cutting of trees in 1929, Saya San organized a boycott of the new tax. This escalated into the Burmese Revolt of 1930-1931; in 1931 Saya San was executed by the British.
A new generation of Burmese patriots, educated at the University of Rangoon, now took the leadership in the Burmese national movement. In 1930 Dobama Asiayone ("We Burmans Association") was established.
In 1936 a students' strike, organized by Aung San, forced the university administration to retract their decision, a proof that Burmese masses could influence the actions of the British authorities.

The Economy . In 1928, Burma produced 7.6 million metric tons of rice; in 1937 6.9 million metric tons (IHS p.194).

Social History . J. Lahmeyer gives an estimated population figure of 8.1 million for Burma in 1920, 12.0 million in 1935; estimates can vary considerably depending on the source. In 1931, capital Rangoon had c.400,000 inhabitants.

Cultural History . Rangoon College (est. in 1878 as a subsidiary of the University of Calcutta) in 1920 was elevated to the University of Rangoon.

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