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World War II : Burma

Administration . In December 1941, Japan demanded Thailand to grant free passage for it's troops, which was granted, and the Japanese invaded Burma via Thailand. The Japanese installed a Burmese puppet government headed by Dr. Ba Maw.

Battleground Burma . Japanese forces disconnected the Burma Road, a vital supply line passing the jungles of Northern Burma to connect Chiang Kai Chek's Chinese troops (in Sichuan) with British India. The Flying Tigers kept supplying Chiang's China by air, while Merrill's Marauders, an US-American commando unit, operated in the jungles of Burma to create havoc behind the Japanese lines. They were joined by Aung San, who, disillusioned by the conduct of the Japanese occupants, had founded the AFPFL (Anti-Fascist People's Freedom League), a resistance organization directed against the Japanese.
In April 1945 the British, under the command of Lord Mountbatten, launched an offensive and expelled the Japanese from most of Burma (except Tenasserim province).

The Economy . Before the war, Burma had exported significant amounts of rice, mainly to the remainder of British India. In 1942 Burma produced 5.9 million metric tons of rice, by 1945 the figure had dropped to 2.6 million metric tons (IHS p.194).

Social History . J. Lahmeyer estimated Burma's population in 1941 as 16.8 million, that of 1945 as 15.6 million.

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