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Upper Burma, 1852-1886

After having lost the southern provinces in the SECOND ANGLO-BURMESE WAR of 1852, Burma was reduced to the upper Irawaddy valley (UPPER BURMA). In 1853 King MINDON MIN (-1878) ascended to the throne; he established a new capital at MANDALAY, modernized the administration of the country. In 1862, Britain and Upper Burma established diplomatic relations. In 1867 a treaty was signed on trade and diplomatic relations with Upper Burma.
Under Mindon Min's successor THIBAW, Anglo-Burmese relations deteriorated; in Brtain's view, Burma violated the treaty of 1867 by creating monopolies which placed British merchants at a disadvantage. The British resident in Mandalay was withdrawn. In the THIRD ANGLO-BURMESE WAR of 1885, the country was conquered, in 1886 formally annexed by the British.

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