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First posted in April 2002, Last revised on November 17th 2013

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Barotseland 1838-1900 . North-Western Rhodesia 1900-1911 . North-Eastern Rhodesia 1900-1911 . 1911-1953 . 1953-1963 . Since 1964

Barotseland 1838-1900
Located in what is western Zambia today, the Barotse or Lozi kingdom was a Bantu state. In 1838, the Kalolo invaders (from Lesotho) conquered it and superimposed their rule. David Livingstone met their chief Sebituane in 1851. The Barotse regained control in 1864. The first English traders arrived in 1872. In 1878, Lewanika succeeded Sipopa as the chief of the Lozi. In 1886 Lewanika permitted the establishment of a mission and school. According to Meyers Konversationslexikon, his state had c. 900,000 inhabitants; the two main places were Laroe and Neuschescheke. In 1890, 1898, 1906 and 1909 Lewanika granted concession to various applicants, which ended up in the hands of Cecil Rhodes' British South Africa Company, granting it excessive mining and other rights, in effect recognizing the company's sovereignty. However, Barotseland retained a certain degree of autonomy within the territory of the BSAC, which was to last throughout colonial history.

In 1900 the British South Africa Company began to refer to the region as Northwestern Rhodesia, in 1911 merged with Northeastern Rhodesia to form Northern Rhodesia. Within this geographical entity, early in the century, Barotseland was the most developed, had the highest population density. A map of 1913 shows that within Northern Rhodesia, mission stations concentrated in Barotseland.

North-Western Rhodesia, 1900-1911
Following treaties signed by King Lewanika of Barotseland with Cecil Rhodes' British South Africa Company, the area was proclaimed a British Protectorate under the name of Northwestern Rhodesia; the protectorate extended beyond the borders of Barotseland, including territories which were Lunda kingdoms. The border to Angola was fixed in a treaty with Portugal in 1891 and again, by King Victor Emmanuel of Italy, in 1905; the border to the Congo Free State also by treaty in 1891. The seat of administration was first Kalolo; it was moved to Livingstone in 1907, located on the banks of the Zambezi river.
The colonial administration was most interested in opening up the Copper Belt region. A railway line was built, from Livingstone to Ndola, opened by 1909, to facilitate the export of copper.
The border between North Western Rhodesia and North Eastern Rhodesia was first fixed along the Kafue River (1899), in 1905 moved to the waist-line between Katanga Province and the Zambezi River.
The British South Africa Company, from the start, had little interest in preserving the territorial entity of Barotseland, which, however, maintained a greater degree of political autonomy than any other entity in Central Africa which had become a protectorate. In 1911 the protectorates of North Western Rhodesia and of North Eastern Rhodesia were formally joined to form the Protectorate of Northern Rhodesia.

North-Eastern Rhodesia, 1900-1911
Cecil Rhodes' British South Africa Company, which had obtained a royal charter in 1889, after acquiring treaties from local Bembe and Chewa rulers, and overcoming armed resistance among the Bemba (1899), proclaimed the Northeastern Rhodesia Protectorate in 1900. The administrative center in 1899 had been established at Fort Jameson (Chipata), just west of the border to British Central Africa (Nyasaland).
The colonial administration was most interested in the exploitation of mineral deposits. A railway line was built, from Livingstone; it reached Ndola in 1909. Copper mining began in 1906.
The border between North Eastern and North Western Rhodesia was first fixed along the Kafue River (1899), and in 1905 moved to the waist-line between Katanga and the Zambezi River. In an Anglo-German agreement in 1901, the border to German East Africa was defined.
The British South Africa Company, from the start, had little interest in preserving the territorial unity of the Bemba and Chewa entities. In 1911 the protectorates of North-Western Rhodesia and North Eastern Rhodesia were formally joined to form the Protectorate of Northern Rhodesia.

Northern Rhodesia Protectorate, 1911-1953
In 1911 the North-Western Rhodesia and North-Eastern Rhodesia protectorates were joined to form Northern Rhodesia; the seat of administration was at Livingstone (Barotseland, Northwestern Rhodesia). The protectorate was administrated by the British South Africa Company. It's main interest lay in exploiting the territory's mineral deposits, coal, gold. A railway line connecting Katanga's copper mines with the Portuguese harbour of Beira (in Moçambique) had been completed in 1910. The existence of a railway connecting lead to an upswing of the copper mining industry, the introduction of new technology into the area.
World War I broke out in 1914. Northern Rhodesia shared a border with German East Africa. In 1916, British and South African troops penetrated into German East Africa; the German commander, Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, switched to guerilla tactics, holding out until the end of the war. At the time he was informed of the ceasefire, he operated in Northern Rhodesia.
The burden of a colonial administration and wartime hardship caused the Mambwe to rise in arms; the rebellion was quickly suppressed. In 1917 an Advisory Council was established. In 1924 the British government took over the administration of Northern Rhodesia from the British South Africa Company.
In 1924, The British Colonial Office took over the administration of Northern Rhodesia from the British South Africa Company. Sir Herbert Stanley was appointed the first British governor, with residence in Livingstone.
The Colonial Office promoted the immigration of white settlers, reserving stretches of farmland for them. Immigration was not satisfactory; the country's major industry was copper mining, picking up in the 1920es. The Great Depression resulted in sharply declining prices for copper (1931-1933), which affected Northern Rhodesia. Yet, copper production still increased. In 1935 Northern Rhodesia was the scene of a labour dispute, a strike in the Copper Belt. In the 1930es, a second axis, the Great East Road, had been constructed, connecting Nyasaland with the Great North Road; where these roads met lay the city of Lusaka. In 1935, the colony's capital was moved there, from Livingstone.
The discussion of plans for the settlement in Northern Rhodesia of European Jews fleeing political repression were intensified in the aftermath of the so-called 'Kristallnacht', a massive anti-Jewish pogrom launched by Nazi organizations on November 9th 1938. Overall, an estimated 250 Jews found their way to the landlocked British protectorate.
When World War II broke out in 1939, Britain claimed the colony's entire copper production; copper prices soared. A Northern Rhodesian regiment was recruited, fought in the war in various theatres. In 1940 the second Copper Belt strike took place.
After the war, steps for democratization were undertaken; an African Representative Council was established in 1946. The white settlers were against a policy giving the Africans a greater part in the political process and a wider access to education and campaigned for an amalgamation with Southern Rhodesia. In 1948, two Africans were appointed to the Northern Rhodesia Legislative Council. The first African mineworkers' union was organized (1948). The Northern Rhodesian African National Congress was founded.
In 1950, elementary education was made compulsory for Africans.

Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland
In 1953, against the expressed will of many Africans, the Central African Federation, also called Rhodesia and Nyasaland, was created.
In the late 1950es, political parties were founded representing the African population majority; in 1962 a campaign of civil disobedience paved the road to independence.
The NRANC organized boycotts, strikes; in 1959 it was banned. Many NRANC leaders, among them Kenneth Kaunda, joined the UNIP (United National Independence Party), which in 1960 elected Kaunda president. Also in 1959 elections were held in Northern Rhodesia, the first with African participation. A new constitution was promulgated in 1962; a coalition UNIP-NRANC government was formed (1962). In 1963 the federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland was dissolved; Northern Rhodesia, under the name of Zambia, was granted independence in 1964.

Independence, since 1964
The Republic of Zambia became independent in 1964; Kenneth Kaunda became the country's first president. Immediately there was talk of a possible secession of Barotseland; in a treaty the region was guaranteed a number of rights.
Kaunda launched the First National Development Plan in 1966, to develop Zambia's industry. A Second National Development Plan followed in 1971; their targets were to create new jobs, improve the country's infrastructure (Lusaka Int'l Airport was opened in 1967; works on hydroelectric dams were begun) and to improve the education system.
As copper prices were high, in the 1960es Zambia was relatively prosperous. The young republic took a stand against Apartheid and colonial regimes (South Africa, (Southern) Rhodesia, Angola, Mocambique); Nelson Mandela's ANC established it's headquarters in Zambia's capital Lusaka. Yet Zambia, as a landlocked state, depended heavily on transit routes through these countries. In order to decrease this dependence, the Tam-Zam Railway was built through the Northeast and through Tanzania, to Daressalaam.
In the early 1970es, the Oil Crisis struck, and the copper prices fell sharply from 1975 onward.. In 1973, a one-party-state was established. The economic situation deteriorated. After the end of the Cold War, the one-party-state was abolished, Kaunda defeated in multiparty elections.
Strong population increase, low world market prices for copper and AIDS are the major problems facing Zambia today.

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