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Kingdom of Dahomey

The Kingdom of Dahomey (Danhome), existed from ca. 1620 until 1901. Early in the 18th century it was subjugated by the Kingdom of Oyo; in 1818, Dahomey threw off the yoke of Oyo rule. It's capital was Abomey. The population of the kingdom consisted mainly of Ewe (Fon).
In 1724 respectively 1727, Dahomey conquered the Portuguese and French coastal trading forts of Allada and Whydah. Dahomey used to trade African slaves for European weapons. A peculiarity noted by European visitors was a female royal bodyguard, the 'Dahomey Amazons'.
After Haiti gained it's independence in 1804, the Haitian Emperor hired a palace guard of (male) Dahomeans.
In 1863, the French declared a protectorate over Porto Novo, in 1889 they occupied Cotonou, The practice of slave trading/slave raiding and of human sacrifice in Dahomey was criticized by the French. In 1892, France declared a protectorate over the entire kingdom. In 1892-1894 the kingdom was conquered; King Behanzin was deposed and exiled to Martinique, the French installed a puppet king, Goutchilli. Capital Abomey had been burnt in 1892. The kingdom was abolished in 1901.
In the 1880es, the size of the kingdom was estimated at 10,000 square km, the population estimates ranged between 15,000 and 90,000 (Meyers).

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