History of West Africa Gold Coast

Stamps issued by the British Postal Administration for the Gold Coast
featuring Queen Victoria (-1901)

Gold Coast, 1874-1919

The British, long present in the region with trading forts, in 1874 defeated the Ashanti, sacked their capital Kumasi and declared the Gold Coast a Protectorate. Until 1877, the seat of the British administration (long subordinate to Sierra Leone) was at Cape Coast Castle; in 187 it was moved to Accra. Lagos (Nigeria) was subordinate to the governor at Accra until 1886.
in 1883, according to official figures, the colony had a population of 651,000 (Meyers).
In 1896, the British launched a campaign against the Ashanti kingdom, which the latter did not resist. The kingdom was declared a protectorate, King Prempeh I. exiled to Sierra Leone. Following a provoked rebellion, the kingdom was declared dissolved, the protectorate turned into a colony (1901). Late in the 19th century, British authority was extended over stretches further inland, and the borders with German Togo (1885, 1901/1902), French Ivory Coast and Upper Senegal and Niger (1898) fixed by treaties.
In 1914, World War I broke out. British troops operating from the Gold Coast occupied the western part of German Togo, which under the name of Togoland came under British administration and was treated as an annex to the Gold Coast.

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