History of West Africa 1815-1891

Senegal, 1445-1815

In 1445 Portuguese discoverers reached the Senegal river. They established trading stations along the coast and along the lower Senegal and Gambia rivers, as well as on GOREE island. In the 17th century, the Portuguese were replaced by the Dutch (on Goree, since 1617) and by the French at ST. LOUIS (1659). In 1677, the French gained Goree from the Dutch. Under ANDRE BRUE, Governor of the COMPAGNIE ROYALE DE SENEGAL 1697-1702, French territory was extended into the interior. The main trade commodities were African slaves (for the French colonies in the Caribbean).
During the 7 Years War, the British occupied French Senegal, returning Goree to France in 1763, but holding on to the remainder. During the War of American Independence, the French regained mainland Senegal but ceded Goree to Britain in 1783. In 1763, the Apostolic Prefecture of Saint Louis de Senegal was detached from Funchal (Madeira), thus establishing a Senegalese church province.
During the Napoleonic wars, the British again occupied Senegal; in 1815 Senegal - both Goree and the mainland possessions around St. Louis, were returned to France.
In the meantime, Britain had outlawed slave trade (1807), France, at least temporarily, outlawed slavery alltogether (1792-1802). This was to greatly affect the colony of Senegal.

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