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First posted in April 2002, last revised on May 10th 2012

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1456-1879 . 1879-1918 . 1918-1939 . 1939-1975 . Since 1975

In 1456 Italian navigator Luigi da Cadamosto, in the service of the king of Portugal, discovered the uninhabited Cape Verde Islands and claimed them in the name of the King of Portugal. In 1462 Portuguese colonists settled; slaves were soon brought in from continental Africa. The original settlers consisted of exiles, convicts, Jews and adventurers; due to the lack of women immigrants from Europe, they took African women, creating a mulatto society. Soon, slaves outnumbered the free settlers (among them a few freed blacks). The Cape Verde islands lacked cultural institutions; the first church was built in 1495, even elementary education was accessible only to a tiny minority. Thus, the Kriolu language emerged, combining elements of Portuguese and of West African languages.
The Cape Verde islands became a major station in the Transatlantic slave trade, which supplied Brazil's sugar plantations and gold mines with African slaves. The Portuguese acquired their slaves at ports on the African coast, such as Cacheu and Bissau in Portuguinese Guinea, an area which was administrated from Cape Verde until 1879. Slave trade was formally banned in 1830, a ban not enforced on the islands. Slavery was abolished in 1876.
Early on, a textile industry developed on Cape Verde; Verdean cloth was traded on Africa's west coast in exchange for slaves and for other goods. In the 1620es, English fishing vessels began to come to Cape Verde to pick up salt, vital for preserving fish caught in the North Atlantic; salt exports would become a vital part of the Verdean economy until into the late 19th century.
Cape Verde suffered from pirate raids, the first one during the Castilian War of Succession 1475-1479. French pirates struck in 1544, the British in the 1560es, 1582 and 1585, Dutch pirates in 1598. Only in 1596 were steps undertaken to fortify the island's main port.
The islands frequently suffered from drought and famine, at times from epidemic diseases and volcanic eruptions.
In the late 18th century, American whalers began to arrive; in 1818 the U.S. opened a consulate in Praia. Poverty on Cape Verde caused many young men to emigrate to the United States.

In 1879 Portuguese Guinea was separated from Cape Verde and made a distinct colony. The Scramble for Africa did not affect Cape Verde, as the island group was, for centuries, unquestioned Portuguese territory and had no frontier.
The abolition of slavery in 1876 had deprived the island group of a major source of income. In 1887, Brazil imposed import tariffs on salt - greatly affecting Cape Verde's salt exports. The Cape Verdean textile industry suffered from English competition. Poverty caused many Cape Verdeans to emigrate to the U.S., causing a considerable surplus of women in Cape Verdean society.

In 1926, Portugal became a rightist dictatorship which regarded the colonies an economic frontier, to be developed in the interest of Portugal and the Portuguese.
Under this aspect, Angola and Moçambique were in the focus of Portuguese colonial policy, while Cape Verde and Portuguese Guinea were peripheral. Frequent famine, unemployment, poverty and the failure of the Portuguese government to address these issues caused resentment. In 1922, he U.S. imposed restrictions against the immigration of non-Europeans, which discriminated against Cape Verdeans. In 1936 , a literary movement called Claridade was founded, exploring the native Kriolu language.
In 1935, the Cape Verde Islands had 158,930 inhabitants, 6,100 were listed as whites, 32,600 as blacks, 120,000 as of mixed origin. That year, the Cape Verde Islands had 318 km of telephone lines and 20 registered telephones.

After World War II, Portugal was intent to hold on to its former colonies, since 1951 called Overseas Territories. When most former African colonies gained independence in 1957/1964, the Portuguese still held on. Amilcar Cabral, head of the PAIGC, from Conakry/ Guinea organized a guerilla war with the aim to liberate both Portuguese Guinea and the Cape Verde Islands. The war lasted from 1961 to 1974, when, after a coup ousted Portugal's rightist dictator and independence was proclaimed.

since 1975
In 1975, the Cape Verde Islands were released into independence. The PAIGC was the only political organization in both Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau (the former Portuguese Guinea).
A coup d'etat in Guinea Bissau in 1980 ended the loose federation of both former colonies. The Cape Verde branch of the PAIGC was renamed PAIGV, a new constitution adopted.
Another new constitution in 1991 introduced multiparty democracy. In the 1991 election, a challenger, Antonio Mscarenhas Monteiro (1991-), defeated the incumbent, Aristides Maria Pereira (1975-1991).

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