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Literature on the History of West Africa
Brandenburgian Gold Coast History of West Africa Danish Gold Coast

Dutch Trading Posts on the West African Coast

Dutch mercants established a trading post at MOURE on the Gold Coast in the dying years of the 16th century. After a Portuguese attack on the Dutch trading post in 1610, the Dutch built FORT NASSAU there in 1612; it was the Dutch headquarters in the region until it was moved to ELMINA in 1637.
In 1621 the Dutch United West India Company (WIC) was founded, and Fort Nassau became it's property. After several futile attempts, the Dutch took Portugal's main stronghold, Elmina, in 1637. The WIC moved it's regional headquarters there.

The Gold Coast forts were important for the trade in both gold and African slaves, the latter a factor of growing importance due to the Caribbean sugar boom. The Dutch Navy was dominant during the earlier decades of the 17th century, taking a number of Portuguese and later Swedish forts by force. In the 1660es it was Dutch forts falling to the English; most were handed back to the Dutch in subsequent peace treaties.
In 1717/1725 the GWIC acquired Brandenburg's property and claims on the Gold Coast by purchase.
In the later half of the 18th century, the Dutch experimented with cotton plantations on the Gold Coast. Toward the end of the century the slave trade, outlawed by the British in 1807, declined. The British navy did not even bother to occupy the Dutch forts on the Gold Coast. Early in the 19th century, a number of Dutch forts - now under the administration of the Dutch Ministry of Colonial Affairs, as the GWIC, successor to the WIC, was declared bankrupt in 1792 - were abandoned. In 1872, the Netherlands ceded (sold) it's property and claims on the Gold Coast to Britain, in return for Britain conceding the Sultanate of Aceh to the Netherlands (Sumatra Treatise). The price for Elmina and the Dutch property/claims was 47,000 Guilders.

Dutch Forts in West Africa, 1598-1872
Fort Hollandia
Fort Dorothea
Fort Batenstein
Fort Oranje
Fort Nassau

Gross Friedrichsburg

1633-1678, 1722-1724
1621-1663, 1664-1678
1642-1664, 1665-1872
1687-1698, 1711-1712, 1732-1804
1656-1665, 1667-1872
1598/1612-1664, 1665-1782, 1785-1816

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