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Unlike some of his schoolmates whose papers are posted here, Ko Jihoon has not lived abroad. While he is speaking English fluently, it is a foreign language to him, and reading academic English-language sources, writing a research paper in English, requires conmsiderable effort on his side. In order to prove to himself and to others that he can handle it, and because he is interested in the subject, he took on a history project, choosing the Economic Impact of the Islamic World on Europe in the Middle Ages (11th to 14th centuries) as his topic.
Jihoon began with a somewhat broader working topic, and I worried if he could bring the project to a proper conclusion. Jihoon likes to work on his own. For Korean students his topic is rather unusual, because in our history class I have little time to covr the European Middle Ages. Jihoon acquired a number of books, got access to other sources, and continuously read, 11 books in academic English. He had about a year for his project; printed out, his research paper has 28 pages.

In history class, Jihoon regularly convinced through good test scores and solid assignments. His research paper proves that he can produce quality work at a larger scale. Jihoon's research paper is based on English-language secondary sources. It compares to a first year college presentation and does provide a solid foundation for a seminar discussion.

November 10th 2006

Alexander Ganse

Ko Jihoon Economic Impact the Islamic World Had on Christian Europe. (11th to 14th Centuries

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