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Kim, Kyun - The Image of Cesare Borgia in Historiography

Kim, Kyun is a passionate student who, by writing several papers on Italian history, professed peculiar interest in this area. For his research paper he chose to write about Cesare Borgia.
Kim, Kyun's paper is 15 pages long (single space); it is characterized by a rather short reference list. Kim, Kyun, focusses on primary sources - Guiccardini, Machiavelli, Burckhardt - and comes up with an original result : Cesare Borgia receives a differentiated treatment by the major writers of the Renaissance, a generalized negative treatment by Burckhardt, the foremost modern historian on the Renaissance.
Kim, Kyun's paper may serve as a model for future generations of KMLA students writing history research papers to follow : it neither impresses by size (number of pages) nor time or effort invested (Kyun took about 6 months; in terms of money invested, he purchased 3 or 4 books). And it does not take the most prolific English proficiency in class to successfully complete a project.
Kim, Kyun chose a manageble topic with a clear object in mind, applied source criticism, differentiated the judgment of writers concernng Cesare Borgia according to various aspects of his life / accomplishments, and came up with a distinct, independent result. His paper compares to a third year college presentation and would provide a solid foundation for an academic discussion of the topic.

December 25th 2007

Alexander Ganse

Kim, Kyun The Image of Cesare Borgia in Historiography

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