The Socio-Economic History of Bangladesh

Korean Minjok Leadership Academy

Table of Contents
December 9th 2008
October 23rd 2008
September 9th 2008
June 4th 2008
June 3rd 2008
March 27th 2008

December 9th 2008 . . . go to Student's Paper

Observations : no notes.
in case of one reference, I added a comment : Wikipedia German edition.
In case of some references, I added a comment : in Korean.
You could have done that yourself.

October 23rd 2008 . . . go to Student's Log

(1) When you write a chapter, please do so complete with footnotes.
(2) Chittagong
(3) I don't know FIDA.
(4) The date when Grammen first began ioperations abroad, the number of countries where they operate now missing.
(5) No statistical data (amount of money Grameen lent) . Perhaps you plan to discuss that elsewhere in your paper.
I think now you realize that it was rather futile to try begin your paper with a chapter on ancient history.

September 9th 2008 . . . go to Student's Log

Your account of the early history of Bengal contradicts the account of the Wikipedia.
Your chapter does not have any references - give your sources and discuss the differences, at least mention them in footnotes.
I did not expect such a text as it was not listd in your ToC, but we can amend the latter.
You did not mention the brief period of Tibetan control over Bengal.

June 4th 2008 . . . go to Student's Log

As you write in your email, in the update you can put more of a history of the media into that chapter. But you can do that after our deadline has passed; you have fulfilled the conditions for this term.
Notes 1 and 6 seem to be from books; you have to give the page numbers. You may want to mention in which language(s) the media broadcast respectively print; if there are media catering for the minority Hindus.
Congratulations for having been granted an interview with Mr. Yunus. Of course because of thet personal favour you are obliged to write a quality paper. And you are aware that the chapter you presented here makes up a tiny fragment of the entire paper. A lot of work remains to be done.
P.S. (June 5th) : Banglapedia article on Urdu mentions Urdu language newspapers which ceased to print after independence; the article on Televiosion has history section, similar articles on radio, newspapers and periodicals

June 3rd 2008 . . . go to Student's Log

Looks okay to me.
Bibliography on Grameen Bank, from GDRC,
knew this one ?

March 27th 2008 . . . go to Student's Log

(1) Once your books arrive, omplete the bibliographic data (place of publication, year of publication)
(2) Add yearbook entries.
(3) Add my Bangladesh page,

Sources you missed (I spent only a few minutes on searching)
Websites :
Bangladesh Wetpaint . kind of Bangladesh Encyclopedia .
The Fleeing Social Capital of Bangladesh .
Gardner / Ahmad, Place, Social Protection and Migration in Bangladesh : A Londoni Village in Biswanath. (extensive paper on a single village, discussed availability of credit
Afsar : Internal Migration and the Development Nexus : the Case of Bangladesh .
Siddiqui : Migration as a Livelyhood Strategy of the Poor : The Bangladesh Case .
Accessing Rights as Citizens : The Camp-Based Urdu-Speaking Minority in Bangladesh .
Social Protection and Internal Migration in Bangladesh : Supporting the Poorest .
Bangladesh and Philanthropy .
The Agrarian History of Bengal and Bangladesh : a bibliography .
Research Initiatives Bangladesh . attempt to differentiate & classify poverty
Hassan / Kundu, Reaching Social Consensus or Consensus (BD) .
Mollah / Uddin, Combating Corruption in BD .
Stenman, Mahmud, Martinsson : Trust and Religion : Experimental Evidence from BD .
Whispers to Voices, Gender and Social Transformation in BD (World Bank) .
Essays on Bangladesh Poverty, from .
Sperandio, Social Entrepreneurs and Educational Leadership in BD .
World History Archives : The social history of the People's Republic of Bangladesh .

Books :
P.R. Ryan, Bangladesh 2000: On the Brink of Civil War: Fragments from Inside a Coming Explosion .

I want you to look at these sources and do a more thorough job looking for sources. You have to decide, which one qualifies for being listed in your reference list. Make an (A) list : titles to be quoted in your paper, and a (B) list : titles you looked into. If you decide to discard a source, write why you did so (commented bibliography). That way you avoid having to do so again, if you forgot why you discarded it.

I was disappointed to see you waste time on studying a non-history related matter in history research time yesterday. The argument "My books did not arrive yet" is no excuse for inaction. (A) The shipment of books you ordered comes all from one bookseller; the composition of your reference list thus is somewhat coincidential, determined by the stocks of that individual bookseller. You did compile a list of additional websites, but when doing so you seem to have had only economics and Grameen in mind. If you want to understand the success of Grameen, you have to understand the society it serves. There are more than sufficient sources available to keep you occupied studying this matter until your books arrive, no matter when they arrive. I will not only look at the quality of your final paper, but also comment on how you got there; use your time efficiently.

P.S. BBC News this morning (March 28th) had an extensive report about a rat plague in Bangladesh : rare event of Bamboo blossoming triggered rat plague in the Chittagong Hills region; rats multiply at 4 times the normal rate, invade villages, eat everything; 100,000s of Bangladeshis (mainly ethnic minorities dwelling in the hills) face starvation. Check it out. If you are to travel to Bangladesh : will the Grameen Bank play a role in dealing with this crisis ? Did it try serve that region prior to the crisis ?