Upward Social Mobility in South Korea, 1962-1997

Korean Minjok Leadership Academy

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November 28th 2008
November 28th 2008
November 28th 2008

Update June 17th
S. Anderson, S. Sloan, Historical Dictionary of Terrorism, Metuchen NJ : Scarecrow, 2nd edition 2002; series has excellent bibliographies

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(1) Terminology : 5.16 coup d'etat, 5.16 revolution, Blue House.
(a) Try imagine yourself to be a reader who does not know a word of Korean and who has limited knowledge of Korean history. Now, you can use these terms, but provide information. What I recommend is the following :
you establish a glossary, in which you explain such terms, separate from endnotes which largely serve the purpose of giving reference. Look into Kim Jinseo's paper (2005) or Yang Eunmo's paper (2008) for sample glossaries.
(b) Asian financial crisis of 1997. It is a name; hence capitalize : Asian Financial Crisis of 1997; 5.16 Revolution ...
(2) no notes.

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The table of contents looks okay. Of course, it is provisional, and the organization of your sample chapter shows that you apply flexibility, as various subsubchapters are not listed in the table of contents. I take the table of contents provided by you as a rough organization, not as a skeleton you strictly have to abide by.
While the title is short and easy to understand, the personal perspective is not mentioned. I recommend you to formulate this in a subtitle. Otherwise readers may be confused by the interviews which are so central to your paper.
I don't know Lassez-faire. Laissez-faire.

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Just one question : are all these books published in English ? For those in Korean, add (in Korean).