The Cultural Revolution as Reflected in Literature

Korean Minjok Leadership Academy

Table of Contents

January 14th 2009 . . go to SMK's Log

Okay, better organized.
This table of contents could serve a paper on the socio-economic history of China during that period which does not look into literature at all. So you need to figure out how to integrate contemporary Chinese literature here.
May I suggest that you write a chapter in which you introduce your sources - title, short intro of the author, summaric plot, one by one. By the way, look into "Books and Writers" a website posted in Finland. The webmaster tries to introduce authors (novelists) from all over the world; try find the writers of "your" novels there.

January 7th 2009 . . go to SMK's Log

(1) You have one subchapter for chapter IV. If you divide a chapter into subchapters, there should be at least two subchapters.
(2) I don't get the jump from Stalin's Five Year Plans to "Background". It reads as if you were to discuss the background of Soviet economic policy. I suggest you move Stalin's Economic olicy into a separate chapter, and in what is now chapter 2 only discuss Mao's early attempt to do better than Stalin had done (Chinese Economic Policy leading up to the Great Leap).
(3) In your table of contents I only see historical analysis. Where does literature come in ?
I suggest you separate narration of history from analysis of literature.
(4) Next steps : fixing the working table of contents; put together a working list of references; write any chapter you feel comfortable taking on.