Cold War Berlin Depicted in the Films and Political Aspects of the Films

Korean Minjok Leadership Academy

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Nov. 15th 2009
July 9th 2009
July 9th 2009
September 6th 2008

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(1) and the dispute between the Federal and Democratic Republics.
There are many federal and democratic republics, even federal democratic republics like the USA. What you mean is the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) and the German "Democratic" Republic (GDR).
(2) no notes. Especially your final paragraph requires a note.

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(1) The account you give of the history of Berlin is biased.
The emphasis on the events related to the Holocaust is legitimate, but, for instance, the omission of the impact of aerial bombardment of Berlin during World War II, in a paper like yours, is not. I have a number of movies featuring Berlin just after World War II. The ubiquitous scene is the sea of rubble.
(2) The imflux of immigrants (other than Jews) into the city is not addressed.
Make it a habit to include notes in chapter files.

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(1) Title sounds crude. "Cold War Berlin as Depicted in the Films of the Era" ?
(2) I suggest you write a timeline for events affecting Berlin, and one for films featuring Berlin
(3) You may need to subdivide the Cold War Era into phases. "After the Cold War" that is 1989 and following.
I do understand that this table of contents is a rather crude one. If you want to fill out all these gaps, it may be a huge task to complete. If we reduce the scope to movies until the construction of the Berlin Wall or just after, then it still may be a challenging tasks. You don't have a single movie showing the western perspective yet.

September 6th 2008

The English flag features the cross of Saint George (the dragonslayer). The Welsh flag features - the dragon.

The first step to take is to compile a list of sources, mainly primary sources. Go through medieval sagas, chronicles, histories, epics etc. and put those on your list where dragons and monsters occur. Beowulf, the Nibelungen, the story of St. George come to mind.

You will establish a Working Reference List, in which you list separately primary and secondary sources. For your paper, primary sources are way more important than secondary sources.

Another task you have to confront early on is : How do you plan to organize your paper into chapters ? I.e. which questions will you try to answer (each question corresponding to a chapter to be written).

When you have a working list of references and a list of questions / working table of contents, see me.