The Spanish-American War in Spanish and American Historiography

Korean Minjok Leadership Academy

Table of Contents

November 21st 2008
December 21st 2008
November 13th 2008
September 6th 2008

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(1) I take this as the skeleton of a paper.
(2) You indicated a footnote but did not give it. In future, if you send a chapter, please complete with footnotes.
(3) Because he or she is part of a country, a society, a race, and so on
In class we did not study the Holocaust yet. In my country, anyone who applies the term 'race' to humans is immediately associated with Nazi ideology. You are not a German, but your teacher is; please use ethnicity or culture instead.
(4) The Spanish textbook used in this paper is recognized by the Spanish government as the official high school;
the official high school textbook, it should read. Question : "THE official textbook", meaning the only one ? In that case it is the Spanish account.
(5) In the introduction you use "the Spanish texbook", "the American Textbook"; I suggest you write "Iberica, the Spanish textbook" the first time you mention it, and proceed similarly with the other one.
(6) Spain was unable to maintain its dominance over its terrain in the Pacific (Caroline Islands, Mariana Islands and the Palaos, sold to Germany in 1899)
Correct statement in wrong chapter; this happened after the war.

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(1) your request for a neutral perspective : a brief one - Encyclopedia Britannica. Use both the 1911 edition and the print version we have in the library.
(2) If you are subdividing a chapter, there should be at least two subdivisions.
(3) "The Spanish Account" reads like there is only one, or you refer to the official account of the Spanish Government. I suggest : "Iberica, a Spanish Account". I suggest you explain, in a footnote here, if "Spanish" here refers to language or nationality. Similarly "The American Account", no footnote necessary.

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This table of contents provides a good organisation for a description of the war itself. However, you want to examine how the war is covered in both U.S. and Spanish high school history books. So it seems to me that the logic structure of the paper should be : (I) A neutral account of the war, (2) A Comparative Analysis of the Coverage of the War in the Textbooks, (3) Conclusion, Notes and Bibliography.
II.1 should be an introduction of the textbooks you chose to examine.
Perhaps you want to establish a timeline, providing a survey of events; which may form an appendix to your paper.

September 6th 2008

You already have a Spanish-language school history textbook; US history textbooks we have several in the library. So it makes sense to organize your paper into a comparison of the coverage of the 1898 war (a) in school textbooks and (b) in scholarly monographs giving an overview of the war.

Historians are professionals and I do not expect you to find any factual errors. Differences will rather be manifest in the extent of coverage certain aspects of the war will be given, or in omissions of aspects.

The first step for you to take is to establish a Working List of References. Sort this list in

I.) Bibliographic Sources
II.) School Textbooks
III.) Scholarly Sources
IV.) Others

Think which questions you want to answer in your paper. Establish a Working Table of Contents, in which chapters correspond to these questions of yours; and when you have either a working reference list or working table of contents, see me.