Spanish Influenza 1918-1919

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Appendix : New York Times Articles on the Spanish Influenza Sept.-Dec. 1918

Appendix 1 : New York Times Articles on the Spanish Influenza Sept.-Dec. 1918 (as of Feb. 12th 2009) . . . go to Teacher's comment

List of relevant NYT Articles

MUST REPORT ALL SPANISH INFLUENZA; Pneumonia, Its Sequel, Is Now Listed by Health Board to Check Spread Here Sep 18, 1918
NEW YORK PREPARED FOR INFLUENZA SIEGE; Three Cases, Originating in the City, Reported--Health Department Takes Action Sep 19, 1918
31 NEW INFLUENZA CASES IN NEW YORK; Health Department Begins a Campaign of Education to Combat the Disease. SEEK GERM OF THE MALADY Surgeon General Blue Asks State Health Authorities to Send Cultures for Study. Sep. 21, 1918
SPREAD OF INFLUENZA CHECKED IN THE CITY; Dr. Copeland Reports Situation Well in Hand--More Deaths Reported at Camps Sep 23, 1918
Dies of Spanish Influenza Sep 23, 1918
INFLUENZA IN 26 STATES.; Federal Officials Confer on Plans to Help Local Committees Sep 26, 1918
INFLUENZA STOPS FLOW TO THE CAMPS OF DRAFTED MEN; Crowder Cancels Calls for 142,000, Due to Prevalent Epidemic Sep 27, 1918
NEW CASES REACH HIGHER TOTAL HERE; 352 of Influenza in Yesterday's Report, Brooklyn Leading--22 Deaths, lncluding Pneumonia Sep 29, 1918
85,000 IN BAY STATE ILL WITH INFLUENZA; Health Commissioner Wires to Washington of Need of Physicians and Nurses. DEATH LIST IS GROWING Disease Reported as Increasing in Smaller Towns Near Boston-- Western Massachusetts. Little Affected. SEES IFLUENZA CONTROLLED. Copeland Believes Worst of Outbreak Here is Over Sep 30, 1918
SPANISH INFLUENZA HERE, SHIP MEN SAY; Officers of Norwegian Liner Attribute Four Deaths During Voyage to the Disease Aug 14, 1918
INFLUENZA IS HALTED, HEALTH REPORTS SHOW; Rate of New Cases Has Been Practically Stationary Since Friday Last. Oct 1, 1918
NO NEW 'MOVIES' TILL INFLUENZA ENDS; Closing of Theatres Leads National Association to Stop Shipping Films. SLIGHT INCREASE HERE Copeland Says He Is Ready to Stop Public Gatherings If Situation Becomes Threatening. Oct 10, 1918
U.S. BUREAU SEEKS CAUSE OF INFLUENZA; Public Health Service Investigating Conditions Which Promote Epidemic's Spread.SITUATION BETTER AT CAMPS But Disease Appears in Many Additional Places--Public Health Offices in Thirty Cities Oct 11, 1918
COPELAND ASKS AID IN INFLUENZA FIGHT; Health Department Centres Efforts on Getting Nurses andHospital Workers Oct 16, 1918
CITY REPORTS DROP IN INFLUENZA CASES; Dr. Copeland Predicts Crest of Wave Will Break by Thursday. Oct 20, 1918
RED CROSS ACTIVE IN INFLUENZA FIGHT; Citizens Open Homes to Relieve Congestion of New Cases in Many Hospitals. MAKES APPEAL FOR NURSES Women Who Can Aid in Emergency Are Urged to Enroll Names with New York Chapter Oct 20, 1918
EPIDEMIC SUBSIDING IN MANY LOCALITIES; Situation About the Same at Army Camps--Coal Production Drops, Due to Influenza. Oct 25, 1918
EXPERTS SEE HEAVY COST OF INFLUENZA; 400,000 Young Lives Worth to Nation 10,000,000 Years, Says Moir. Dec 6, 1918