Japanese Intrusion into Continental East Asia, 1894-1910

Korean Minjok Leadership Academy

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October 21st 2009
December 8th 2008
December 8th 2008
December 4th 2008
November 27th 2008
November 26th 2008
November 20th 2008
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October 21st 2009 . . Go to RHS' Log

Overall the chapter looks good. However, you use the cartoons to illustrate the history of the war (and when you narrate the war, you do so from a Korean perspective).
Judging from the cartoons dealing with the Sino-Japanese War, can you establish a judgment on the perspective of Punch ?
A particular reason why you do not refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Sino-Japanese_War ?
http://www.russojapanesewar.com/jap-proc-1894.html Japanese proclamation of war, trsl. into English
You write On August 1st, eight days after the battle of Pyung-Do Island, China and Japan formally declared war.
It would be unusual for both countries to have declared war on each other simultaneously. I only found evidence for Japan declaring war.

December 8th 2008 . . Go to RHS' Log

(1) Anderson, Krausse, Thomson, Boxer Rising were books, but posted online. so give the source (Internet Arxchive, URL
(2) the Punch cartoons : I post as a table once you give me page numbers, titles

December 8th 2008 . . Go to RHS' Log

Looks nice. A few comments, though : (1) in English grammar, articles do exist. You skipped a dozen or more.
(2) After the fall of Mongolian Yuan dynasty, the Chinese shut its doors from any foreign interactions
Exaggerated. China severely restricted interaction with foreigners; these interactions were to take place under rules established by the Chinese. - as you formulated it, you contradict yourself.

December 4th 2008 . . Go to RHS' Log

In regard to Punch : you still have several volumes to go through. The way you list the cartoons, it is difficult to remember which cartoon made fun of what. List cartoons as follows :

Punch volume . Date . page no. . Title

In a table or in several tables.
Look into my website, Chinese Empire page; lots of titles online linked. same for Korea page, Manchuria page.

Similarly to Punch, you should long have begun making lists of relevant NYT articles, with date, title.

November 27th 2008 . . Go to RHS' Log


November 26th 2008
check out this source
F.M. Anderson, A.S. Hershey, Handbook for the Diplomatic History of Europe, Asia, and Africa, 1870-1914 (1918), posted on Internet Archive, ch.83 : Chino-Japanese rivalry in Korea, 1876-1894, pp.240-241, ch.84 The Treaty of Shimonoseki, 1895 pp.241-242, ch.85 : The retrocession of the Liao-tung Peninsula by Japan, November 8, 1895, pp.242-243, ch.92 : The Anglo-Japanese alliance of 1902 pp.262-265, ch.93 : Russo-Japanese Rivalry in Korea 1895-1904 pp.265-268, ch.96 : Negotiations preceding the Russo-Japanese War, 1903-1904 pp.272-275, ch.110 : Japan's Relations with Korea 1904-1910 pp.317-319 and others

November 20th 2008 . . Go to RHS' Log

You miss the East Asiatis Triple Alliance 1895-1898 which corced the Japanese into temporarily giving up Manchuria (and accidentally temporarily losing control over Korea) and which enabled the Russians to take Port Arthur, the Germans Kiautschou and the French Kwangchowan. The ritish then took Weihaiwei to guard the Russians in Port Arthur. Even if the cartoons do not contain direct reference to Japan, it is part of the process of Japanese intrusion - a temporary setback.

November 13th 2008 . . Go to RHS' Log

I suggest you establish a separate detailed timeline. There may be events not covered by cartoons.
Also begin on a list of cartoons in Punch. Then organize a working table of contents, working bibligraphy.
Given that you decided on this topic from before the summer vacation, so far you did not get far. With this topic, by now you could have been done if you wanted.

November 12th 2008

Note to our Punch users : check Internet Archive, search text archive for "Punch". http://www.archive.org/index.php
Note : many entries poorly labelled (often index entry does not give volume number, year of publication or both). Has volumes not listed on Online Books Page http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/webbin/serial?id=punch, for instance vol.1 of 1841.

September 23rd 2008

Times of London online, all issues since 1785 http://archive.timesonline.co.uk/tol/archive/ annual fee for access L 74,95 - reasonable. Alternative to NYT, perhaps the better one as it also was/is published in the UK

September 3rd 2008

I suggest you work on a year by year basis. Go through the Punch Issues year by year, compile a list of related Punch cartoons. There may be many years which have none. Search the NYT for related articles, create a list of both.
Post these lists year by year. Punch 1897 : none ia an acceptable posting, provided there was none.

You keep forgetting to send me the files of your past papers.