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Ongoing Research Projects, 12th Wave (Prospective Graduates of 2010), Working Topics

May 28th 2008. The purpose why I suggested to you to begin thinking about a research paper topic immediately after the AP tests was to save time. You only do so, if (1) you look enough into the matter to find out that you really want to write on the topic you chose, (2) try find relevant sources (websites, books, articles), and (3) in the latter are books, figure out how to access them (are they accessible online ? does a library you may be able to access have them ? or do you need to purchase them ? A book you order from abroad may take weeks, if not months, to arrive. And this is the time you may save if you order a book prior to the summer vacation.

June 12th 2008. For participants in Project Study History in the fall semester 2008, the following criteria have to be fulfilled in order to earn a 'pass' mark : (1) a reference list, (2) a table of contents, and (3) a sample chapter have to be submitted. It is understood that all materials, until the submission of the final paper, are subject to change.

Tools : Blank A4 gif image file for text files including Chinese, Korean or other non-Western fonts

Student Working Title Student's Log Teacher's Log Number
of Entries
Date of
Last Entry

YES South Korea¡¯s Government Policy on North Korean Defectors YES' Log Teacher's Log /1 Oct. 13th
YHW On the Emotion of 'Han' in 20C South Korean Film YHW's Log Teacher's Log 3 Oct. 19th
NHW Eunuchs in East Asian History NHW's Log Teacher's Log /2 Sept. 2nd
CJW History of Muslims under Chinese Rule, since 1839 CJW's Log Teacher's Log /1 Aug. 23rd
LHK German manipulation of terror in the Western Front, 1914 and 1940 LHK's Log Teacher's Log /13 Nov. 25th
LHR The New York Times Coverage of the Spanish Influenza 1918-1919 LHR's Log Teacher's Log 1 abandoned
CJY The Introduction of Exotic Food into the European Cuisine, 1880-1960 CJY's Log Teacher's Log 17 November 16th
LWJ Italy on the Road to Unification Depicted in Encyclopedias of the Late 19th and Early 20th Century LWJ's Log Teacher's Log /9 Dec. 1st
LWJ The Republic of Genoa abandoned
SMK The Cultural Revolution as Reflected in Literature SMK's Log Teacher's Log 2 Jan. 14th
RHJ National Terminology in Far Eastern Historiography of Pre-Modern History RHJ's Log Teacher's Log 1 Sept. 27th
JJW A Survey of Fascism. The Year Book of the International Centre of Fascist Studies, 1928 JJW's Log Teacher's Log 5 Sept. 23rd
KYK History of Confucian Education in China and Korea KYK's Log Teacher's Log 5 Dec. 7th
CSY Historic Encyclopedias on Darwinism CSY's Log Teacher's Log 3 completed
CSY Monsters and Mythical Creatures in Greek and Roman Mythology CSY's Log Teacher's Log 4 abandoned
KYY The Spanish-American War in Spanish and US Historiography KYY's Log Teacher's Log 3 Dec. 21st
LSH Public Perception of Nuclear Physics from Marie Curie to Hiroshima (NYT) LSH's Log Teacher's Log 6 Feb. 6th
PYJ Cold War Berlin Depicted in the Films and Political Aspects of the Films PYJ's Log Teacher's Log 2 July 9th
LJH Provinces and Central Government in the Republic of Korea 1948-2008 LJH's Log Teacher's Log /4 abandoned
PYS Intellectual Anti-Semitism PYS' Log Teacher's Log /2 abandoned
SHW Byzantinians to Ottomans SHW's Log Teacher's Log /6 Dec.6th
PKR Anglo-American View of Germany 1890-1914 PKR's Log Teacher's Log //8 July 9th
LSE Dynastic Marriage Policy, 1400-1525 LSE's Log Teacher's Log /4 abandoned
JBS Comfort Women JBS' Log Teacher's Log /5 Dec. 5th
LSH Chinese Loans 1861-1911 LSH's Log Teacher's Log //24 July 24th
LYH Education in the British Gold Coast and the French Ivory Coast LYH's Log Teacher's Log /1 Aug. 25th
LYH Britain's Withdrawal from Palestine and the Arab-Zionist Conflict until 1948 LYH's Log Teacher's Log /7 abandoned
RHS Japanese Intrusion into Continental East Asia 1894-1910 as Portrayed in Punch RHS' Log Teacher's Log /6 Dec. 8th
LJH Regions and the Central Government : Alsace, Bretagne, Corsica LJH's Log Teacher's Log 11 Sept. 13th
JYJ The History of Olympic Boycotts - Moscow 1980, Los Angeles 1984 JYJ's Log Teacher's Log /14 Oct. 13th
OTH The Economic History of Renaissance Italy : Florence, Venice, the Papal State OTH's Log Teacher's Log /7 Dec. 5th
KHK The Historical Development of Aerial Bombardment from Guernica (1937) to Dresden (1945) KHK's Log Teacher's Log /17 Oct. 23rd
KH The Boer War 1899-1902 as Portrayed in Punch and Simplicissimus see Term Paper on ice

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