Intellectual Anti-Semitism

Korean Minjok Leadership Academy

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Appendix : New York Times Articles on Karl Lueger

Outline (as of Dec. 19th 2008) . . . go to Teacher's comment

            I am familiar with racism against blacks. The origin of such hate seems apparent by looking into the history of slavery in America. However, the origins and justification for anti-Semitism is much less well-known. Considering the incidents like Holocaust, there must be a reason behind such hatred, and I decided to look into the ideological context of such outbursts of hate by researching some figures and trends that indicate traces of Anti-Semitism.
            Firstly, I will look into the works of anti-semitic phillosophers like Gobineau and Chamberlain. Through some research, I found out that they produced works such as Inequality of Human Races, which would be considered "absurd" in modern days. No matter how weakly such an idea is supported, there must be a reason behind such absurdity. I would like to look into how such an idea came about by an intellectual so that future generation may avoid making the same mistake.
            Secondly, I would like to look into more prominent figures who are anti-semitic. Because reviews and articles of scholars are scarce, I would like to find out the societal, intellectual response to anti-semitic public figures through books, web pages, and mainly newspaper articles from the London Times. I have started looking through the articles on Lueger and will do the same for other figures like Wagner.
            Lastly, I will write a chapter about how scholarly figures like Arthur de Gobineau aren't discussed in sources such as daily newspapers to validate my lack of research on them.
            My most fundamental purpose is to figure out how such strong hatred came about and what social context, trend, etc. encouraged such an idea.

Appendix 1 : New York Times Articles on Karl Lueger (as of Nov. 13th 2008) . . . go to Teacher's comment

List of relevant NYT Articles

Austria-Hungary December 1st 1890
Austria-Hungary December 15th 1891
Austria-Hungary December 17th 1891
Austria-Hungary March 22nd 1893
Austria-Hungary March 15th 1894
Austria June 11th 1895
Austria-Hungary July 9th 1895
Austria-Hungary September 6th 1895
Austria-Hungary September 201th 1895
Austria-Hungary September 23rd 1895
Antisemitism in Vienna September 25th 1895
Anti-Semtism in Austria September 25th 1895
The Anti-Semites and Hungary September 28th 1895
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Anti-Semitism in Austria October 28th 1895
Anti-Semitism in Vienna October 301st 1895
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The Burgomaster of Vienna November 5th 1895
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in the Austrian Reichstrath yesterday, the November 9th 1895
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Dr.Lueger and the Austrian Reichsrath November 18th 1895
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The elections to the Reichsrath in Austria are January 16th 1901
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Anti-Semitism in Austria February 201st 1902
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Austria August 18th 1987