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North Korea, a country closed for fifty years since the Korean War, has not enough information released into outer world. Only contact between North Korea and the outer world are the legal tourists and occasional photographers and directors. Thus, images about North Korea have been subject to extreme degree of propaganda; literally, there is not a piece of North Korean information that is pure without propaganda. Therefore, documentaries on North Korea have contained propaganda; either on the point of North Koreans or on the point of Westerners. This paper will mainly focus on propaganda depicted in documentaries about North Korea. Through the paper, these questions would be answered.

- What is the true information about North Korea, apart from its propaganda ?
- What kind of propaganda exists in North Korea ?
- Based on documentaries made by Western countries, what propaganda, from documentary to documentary, is shown ?

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Documentaries on North Korea; the Propaganda depicted

I. Introduction
II. Definition
III. Facts Concerning North Korea
III.1. History
III.2. Economics
III.3. Politics
III.4. Culture
IV. Biases and Propaganda innate in the Documentaries
IV.1. ¡®Children of the Secret State¡¯
IV.1.1. Information
IV.1.2. Propaganda
IV.2. ¡®Welcome to North Korea¡¯
IV.2.1. Information
IV.2.2. Propaganda
IV.3. ¡®Nuclear Nightmare; Understanding North Korea¡¯
IV.3.1. Information
IV.3.2. Propaganda
IV.4. ¡®North Korea - A Day in the Life¡¯
IV.4.1. Information
IV.4.2. Propaganda
IV.5. ¡®A State of Mind¡¯
IV.5.1. Information
IV.5.2. Propaganda
IV.6. ¡®Crossing the Line¡¯
IV.6.1. Information
IV.6.2. Propaganda
IV.7. ¡®Inside North Korea¡¯
IV.7.1. Information
IV.7.2. Propaganda
V. Categorization of common North Korean Propaganda
V.1. History
V.2. Economics
V.3. Politics
V.4. Culture
VI. Conclusion
Notes / Bibliography

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I. Introduction
II. Definition
III. Facts Concerning North Korea
III.1. History
III.2. Economics
III.3. Politics
III.4. Culture
IV. Trends of North Korean Propaganda
IV.1. Contents
IV.2. Objectives
IV.3. Achievements
V. Trends of Anti-North Korean Propaganda
V.1. Contents
V.2. Objectives
V.3. Achievements
VI. Propaganda on the Internet
VI.1. North Korean Websites
VI.2. South Korean Websites
VI.3. Chinese Websites
VI.4. European Websites
VII. Propaganda in Documentaries
VII.1. North Korean Propaganda
VII.2. Anti-North Korean Propaganda
VII.3. Neutral Views
VIII. Conclusion
IX. Bibliography

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Internet Based

[Blocked Sites Access]

[North Korean Homepages with propaganda]

[South Korean Homepages with anti-North propaganda]

[Chinese Homepages without propaganda]

[Foreign Countries' Homepages without propaganda]

Documentary Based

-----------------------Sorted by Title / Producing Country / Year--------------------

North Korea - A Day in the Life / Netherlands / 2004
Inside North Korea / USA (ABC) / 2005
A State of Mind / England / 2004
Foreign Correspondent - North Korea / USA (ABC) / ?
People & Power - North Korea / Arab (Al Jazeera) / ?
Children of the Secret State / England / 2000
North Korea, Undercover in the Secret State / USA (CNN) / 2005
Nuclear Nightmare; Understanding North Korea / Discovery / 2003
Friends of Kim / KFA / 2006
Frontline-Kim's Nuclear Gamble / USA (PBS) / 2003
Inside North Korea / National Geographic / 2007
Crossing the Line / England / 2006
Kidnapped / Japan / 2005
North Korean Junket / KFA / 2008
North Korea Desperate or Deceptive / USA (TPI) / ?
North Korean Interrogation / / ?
North Korea Public Execution / / ?
Seoul Train / USA (PBS) / 2006
Welcome to North Korea / Netherlands / 2001