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Ongoing Research Projects, 15th Wave (Prospective Graduates of 2013), Working Topics

February 11th 2010. In order to work efficiently, if (1) you look enough into the matter to find out that you really want to write on the topic you chose, (2) try find relevant sources (websites, books, articles), and (3) in the latter are books, figure out how to access them (are they accessible online ? does a library you may be able to access have them ? or do you need to purchase them ? A book you order from abroad may take weeks, if not months, to arrive. And this is the time you may save if you order a book prior to the summer vacation.

February 11th 2010. The following criteria have to be fulfilled in order to earn a 'pass' mark : (1) a reference list, (2) a table of contents, and (3) a sample chapter have to be submitted. It is understood that all materials, until the submission of the final paper, are subject to change.

Tools : Blank A4 gif image file for text files including Chinese, Korean or other non-Western fonts

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PMS A World History of Dyes PMS' Log Teacher's Log 3 Oct. 5 '11
YJS Women Rulers of the 16th Century : Mary I., Elizabeth I., Mary Queen of Scots, Catherine de Medici, Margaret of Parma YJS' Log Teacher's Log 3 Jun. 26 '11
PCR A Comparative History of Immigration Policies PCR's Log Teacher's Log 2 Jun. 26 '11
HSH U.S. Intervention in El Salvador and its Cinematic Perception HSH's Log Teacher's Log 5 Jul. 15 '11
CHG German Reunification and Korea CHG's Log Teacher's Log 6 Nov. 8 '11
CHG Documentaries on North Korea CHG's Log Teacher's Log 4 abandoned
NKH Linguae Francae in European History NKH's Log Teacher's Log 1 Sep. 28 '11
NKH Second Wives in Korean History NKH's Log Teacher's Log 1 abandoned
NKH Linguae Francae NKH's Log Teacher's Log 1 abandoned
YSH Ethiopian Church History YSH's Log Teacher's Log 5 Mar. 26 '12
YSH Famine and the Media in Modern History YSH's Log Teacher's Log abandoned June '11
PSW Nationalist Songs 1750-1900 PSW's Log Teacher's Log 8 Nov. 9 '11
CNA Categories and Flaws of Documentaries on History CNA's Log Teacher's Log 3 Jun. 17 '11
KSY The Political Joke in Argentina KSY's Log Teacher's Log 9 Jun. 18 '11
MDH The Americanization of Britain Portrayed in Detective Stories of Agatha Christie and Francis Durbridge, 1944-1965 MDH's Log Teacher's Log 5 Jun. 18 '11

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