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Term Paper Topics 15th Waves 2011 February

This semester students are to write a term paper (50 %) [remainder : 25 % for quiz scores, 25 % class participation, no term tests.]

Outline due March 15th, Timeline April 15th, final draft May 15th.

List of Topics :
(1)      Hester Prynne      History of Anglo-French Relations
(2)      Not Quite so Brave      History of Franco-German Relations
(3)           History of Franco-Italian Relations
(4)           History of Anglo-Spanish Relations
(5)           History of Franco-Polish Relations
(6)      Flying Dutchgirl      History of the Relations of the Ottoman Empire with European Powers
(7)      Dauphin      History of the Concert of Europe
(8)           History of Monetary Unions in Europe
(9)           A History of Baltic Sea Trade
(10)           A History of Transalpine Trade
(11)           A History of Franco-Spanish Relations
(12)      Indigo      A History of Papal Diplomacy
(13)           A Comparative History of Polities in Decline : The Hanseatic League and the Republics of Geneva and Genoa (from 1500 onward)
(14)           A Comparative History of Polities in Decline : The Holy Roman Empire and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (from 1500 onward)
(15)           A Comparative History of Mining Countries : Saxony, the Southern Netherlands, Sweden
(16)           A Comparative History of Economies dependent on Overseas Trade : Venice/Genoa, the Netherlands, England
(17)           A Medical, Cultural and Political History of Spas
(18)      Jeanne d'Arc      A Cultural Phenomenon and its Impact : The Salon
(19)      Hwik      A European history of Tourism
(20)      Champollion Jr.      A European history of University Education
(21)      Gung Ho      Linguae Francae in European History

(22)           Deforestation and Forest Management in European History
(23)           River Regulation, Drainage of Swamps and Land Reclamation in European History
(24)           Overland Transportation in European History
(25)      Heidi      Comparative Culinary History : France and Germany
(26)      Lassie      Comparative Culinary History : Italy and Spain
(27)           Comparative Culinary History : Russia and Poland
(28)           Comparative Environmental History : England and Germany
(29)           Comparative Environmental History : France and Spain
(30)           Environmental History of the Balkan Nations
(31)           Comparative Economic History : Belgium and the Netherlands
(32)           Comparative Economic History : Norway and Sweden
(33)      Serf      Comparative Economic History : Castile and Aragon (to be continued into unified Spain)
(34)      Potato Prosecutor      Comparative Economic History : Northern and Southern Italy
(35)      KSC      Comparative Economic History : England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland
(36)      EJH      Athletic, Social and Political History of European Organized Sport

When you create the timeline, keep notes where you found which bit of information.

First claim, by email, gets the topic; every topic only once.

         November 25th 2010          Alexander Ganse

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