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Report Library Visit , May 31 2012
Bibliography 2nd ed., May 30 2012
Bibliography , Apr. 11 2012

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(1) The Myongji-Lucky Goldstar Collection of Foreign Books on Korea does not limit itself to books published before 1950; it has thousands of books published after that date. Only the bibliography I wrote limits itself to books published before 1950.
(2) In case of the specific books you listed, you should have given the year of publication and the library call sign.
(3) You could have mentioned the library's restricted accessability.

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Wang Xiang, Four Books .. 2011
You list this under "primary sources". So I assume, Wang Xiang edited four books which were written much earlier. Here it would contribute to clarification, if in an annotation you explain when the original 4 books were written, perhaps by whom and about what.
Safford 1891 : do you have information when the original Chinese work was published ? give such information in an annotation. Your annotations in Italics.
Jin, Yi, Shen, Jiling 2010 - again, when was the original written ? annotation in Italics
Cao ? Bencraft 2010 - when was the Chinese book first published ?
Queen Sohye : no date of publication

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