The North-South Divide and Margaret Thatcher, by Kim, Changhyun, Oct 2005


This paper is meant to be an attachment to my previous research paper titled Thatcherism. The purpose of this paper is to provide a deeper and more detailed analysis of a single effect of Thatcherism. For this paper, my primary sources of information were the books listed below.
The North-South Gap that exacerbated in Britain during the Thatcher years is a consequence of the decline of regional policy and change in industrial structure. Margaret Thatcher did not believe in creating incentives for firms to locate in left-out regions, which were more likely to be in the North than in the South. Her policy of cutting subsidies and promoting free trade also negatively hit manufacturing, which was more important to the North and than to the South. The same policies also benefitted the service sector, which was concentrated in the South.

Kim, Changhyun
December 2005

I used the following sources in addition to the sources I used for Thatcherism

North-South Divide in the United Kingdom, from Wikipedia
Economic Geography of the United Kingdom, from Wikipedia
REFERENCE The following books were used in addition to the books I used for Thatcherism

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