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First posted on November 11th 2012

1469 Italian L. Bruni coined the term media tempestas (Middle Ages)
1520 German M. Luther coined the term Babylonian Captivity of the Church (Avignonese Papacy, 1307-1430)
1550 Italian G. Vasari coined the term Rinascimento (Renaissance)
1778 German M.I. Schmidt coined the term Völkerwanderung (Migration Period, c.400-800 CE; in English long labeled "Barbaric Peoples Migration")
1784 German I. Kant coined the term Aufklärung (Enlightenment)
1799 Frenchman L.G. Otto coined the term Industrial Revolution
1839 Frenchman J.J. Ampere coined the term Carolingian Renaissance
1923 Australian V.G. Childe coined the term Neolithic Revolution (of prehistory)
1936 Australian V.G. Childe coined the term Urban Revolution
1947 U.S. American B. Baruch applied the term Cold War, coined by G. Orwell 1945, to the U.S.-Soviet tension of the day (1947-1991)
1971 U.S. American R.S. Lopez coined the term Commercial Revolution (14th to 18th century)
1974 U.S. American A. Watson coined the term Arab Agricultural Revolution (800 to 1300)
1939 F.E. Mathes coined the term Little Ice Age (1350-1850)
1965 Briton H. Lamb coined the term Medieval Warm Period