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Wolfsbluts Heimat und der Goldrausch

Fundstellen aus der "Encarta 98"

Alaska can be divided into three major climate zones: a region of maritime influences (a marine west coast climate), a region of continental (or subarctic) climate, and a region of tundra (or arctic) climate.
The region of maritime climate comprises the Panhandle, the coast of the Gulf of Alaska, and the Aleutian Islands. Grey skies, successive wet days, dampness, fogginess, and occasional gales are characteristic here, and the abundant snowfall provides the source for many glaciers. Summers are cool, and winters relatively mild.

The region of continental climate comprises Interior Alaska, the area north of the Alaska Range and south of the Brooks Range, where there are mild, brief summers and harsh winters.

The average January temperature is -22.8° C (-9° F), with extremes of -51.1° C (-60° F) or colder. A record low temperature of -62.2° C (-80° F) was measured at Prospect Creek Camp, in north-western Alaska, in 1971.

city in western Yukon Territory, Canada, on the east bank of the Yukon River, at the mouth of the Klondike River.
Formerly known as Dawson City, it is named after George M. Dawson, a Canadian geologist who explored the Klondike area in 1887. It grew rapidly after the nearby Bonanza Creek gold rush began in 1896.
By 1898 about 30,000 people were living in the Klondike area, including around 16,000 in Dawson. Soon after 1900 gold production fell severely, and the population of the settlement declined quickly.

Today tourism is the leading source of income in Dawson. Attractions include the Palace Grand Theatre (1899), a reminder of the gold-rush years, and the Robert Service Cabin, the home from 1909 to 1912 of the Canadian poet.
Population (1986) 896; (1991) 972.

Und hier ein Blick auf die Landkarte: Dawson im Nordwesten Canadas

Fundstellen aus dem "Internet":

DAWSON CITY feiert den 100. Geburtstag des Klondike-Goldrausches (1896 - 1996) - in English, of course!



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