Styrian Nobles' Revolt, 1467-1471

In 1467 the Styrian nobility rose against Emperor Friedrich III., Duke of Styria. The rebels launched a surprise attack on the city of Marburg (Maribor, present Slovenia). The rebels, among them Andreas Baumkircher, Hans von Stubenberg, Konrad Streun, Caspar von Papenhaym and Wilhelm Trauner, were supported by Matthias Corvinus, King of Hungary. In 1469 a rebel force threatened the Styrian capital of Graz - the residence of Emperor Friedrich III. The rebellion was finally suppressed; rebel leader Andreas Baumkircher was arrested and executed on April 23rd 1471. During the struggle, Bohemian and Moravian mercenaries in the service of the Emperor plundered villages; the country further suffered Ottoman raids.
While the rebellion was dominated by the nobility, the peasants were involved, too; they organized 1469-1471, rejecting an increase in monetary dues to the landlord and in Imperial tolls.

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