Dutch Blockade of Goa, 1636-1639

In 1603 a Dutch (V.O.C.) fleet imposed a blockade on Goa, the capital of the Portuguese colonial Empire in the Indian Ocean, for the first time. From 1636 to 1639 ships of the V.O.C. blocked the entrance to the port of Goa, determined to take the city. On January 4th 1638, the Dutch under Admiral Adam Westerwolt fought a naval battle against the Portuguese. The Dutch, temporarily focussing on other targets (Conquest of Batticaloa on Ceylon, May 1638) ended the blockade when Portugal in 1640 rebelled against Spanish rule.

Goa, from Anita Krane's Weppage
Bloqueio de Goa - Outubro de 1637 a Abril de 1638, from Batalhas e Combates da Marinha Portuguesa, in Portuguese
Timeline Goan History, from goacom
History of Goa, from Viva Goa
The Complete History of Goa, Part 3 (1498-1791), by Paresh Prabhu
Sri Lanka: The Kandyan Kingdom and European Intervention, in : Concise History of India : The Moghul Empire, 1500-1765, from Xenophile Historian

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