Dutch Conquest of Malacca, 1641

The Portuguese had conquered Malacca in 1511 and held on to it for the next 130 years, despite attempts by the Sultans of Johore and Aceh to oust them.
A first attempt to take Malacca by the Dutch-Johorese allies failed in 1606, when a Portuguese relief fleet arrived in time to save the besieged garrison. In 1636, the Dutch sank Portuguese vessels in the port of Malacca.
On January 14th 1641, a Dutch fleet, commanded by Minne Williemson Kaartokoe, appeared off Malacca, while troops of Johore approached Malacca from the land side. The city fell and was placed under Dutch control, to the dismay of the Sultan of Johore who had planned to restore his sovereignty over the city.

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