Omani Conquest of Mombasa, 1696-1698

The Portuguese had conquered Mombasa in 1589 and constructed Fort Jesus there (1591ff). In 1661, an Omani fleet had sacked the city of Mombasa, but the force did not dare to attack Fort Jesus. In 1696, another Omani force laid siege to Fort Jesus; it was to last for two and a half years. When Fort Jesus fell in 1698, the Portuguese had been expelled from the northern Swahili coast. In 1728-1729, the Portuguese briefly reoccupied Fort Jesus.

History of Fort Jesus, from Yamaguchi
Timeline of Portuguese Activity in East Africa, 1498-1700, by Jim Jones
DOCUMENTS Kenya Native States : Mombasa, from World Statesmen, scroll down
REFERENCE Janjo and Shika: The Battle for Mombasa (1696-1698), 1995

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First posted on March 10th 2004, last revised on November 19th 2004

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