The United Arab Emirates, since 1990

Administration . The United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven Emirates. Political parties are not permitted; from 1971 to 2004 the presidency was held by Sheikh Zaid II ibn Sultan al Nahayan of Abu Dhabi, since 2004 by Sheikh Khalifa ibn Zaid Al Nahayan of Abu Dhabi. Sheikh Maktum III ibn Rashid Al Maktum (Dubai) held the post of PM from 1990 to 2006; since 2006 the post is held by Sheikh Muhammad ibn Rashid Al Maktum (Dubai).

Foreign Policy . The UAE, together with the other GCC members, condemned the occupation and annexation of Kuwait by Iraq (August 1990) and joined the U.N. / U.S.-led effort to liberate Kuwait (Operation Desert Storm, Jan.-Feb. 1991). In 2003, the UAE did not join the Coalition of the Willing.
The UAE and Iran are involved in a territorial dispute over Abu Musa and the Tunb Islands, claimed by Sharjah. Abu Musa since 1992 is held by Iran.

The Economy . From 1990 to 1999, the UAE on average produced 100 million metric tons of cride petroleum annualy (IHS p.364).
Because direct trade between India and Pakistan was banned, the port of Dubai emerged as a transshipment center. Negotiations to lift the ban on direct trade began in 2005.
The UAE joined the WTO in 1996.
In 2003, the GCC members established a customs union (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE).

Social History . The estimated population of 1990 was 1.59 million; the census of 1995 counted 2.37 million (Lahmeyer). The population estimate for 2002 was 2.93 million (StYB 2006 p.1641), of whom an estimated 88 % are foreigners.

Cultural History . UAE athletes participated in the Summer Olympics of Barcelona 1992, Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004. In 2004 an UAE marksmen won the country's first medal - gold in men's double trap shooting. The UAE national football team participated in the World Cup in Italy in 1990. It took 4th place in the Asian Cup 1992, 2nd place in the sian Cup 1996.
Because of the high population element of foreign residents, the urban centers of the UAE in practicality are bilingual Arab and English.
In 1994-1999, Burj al Arab hotel was constructed in Dubai, a 7 star hotel and one of the world's tallest buildings (321 m). Abu Dhabi is currently (2007) constructing a major museum complex, where the Guggenheim Museum and the Louvre are expected to open branches.

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