Croatia before 1102 1526-1660

Croatia 1301-1526

The introduction of feudal law in Hungary and the integration of the Kingdom into European political culture resulted in foreign-born kings ascending to the throne of Hungary - Przemyslids (1301-1306), Wittelsbach (1306-1312), Anjou (1310-1386), Luxemburg (1387-1437), Habsburg (1438-1457), Jagiellon (1490-1526).
In 1301, with the end of the Arpad line the Croatian Sabor regarded the dynastic union with Hungary ended and elected CHARLES ROBERT OF ANJOU-NAPLES king. When he also was crowned king of Hungary in 1310, the dynastic union was restored.
For autonomous Croatia, the frequent change of dynasties was less of importance than for Hungary itself, as the Croatians were accustomed to be ruled by foreign kings since 1102.
In 1358 King Louis I. of Hungary lead an army into Dalmatia and united Dalmatia under Hungarian rule. After his death in 1382, the Kingdom of Hungary went through a power struggle; Trvtko I. of Bosnia freed himself from the status of a Hungarian vassal, assumed the title of King and conquered most of Dalmatia. Northern Croatia and Slavonia remained Hungarian.
The Venetians, who ruled over some stretches of Dalmatian territory for centuries, in 1408-1420 established their rule over all of DALMATIA. It was to last until 1797.
Dalmatia suffered the first Ottoman raid in 1420; Bosnia submitted to the Ottoman Empire in 1463; in 1493 a Croatian army was annihilated by their Ottoman foes in the Battle of Krbava. In 1521, the Ottomans would take the important Hungarian border fortress of Belgrade, in 1526 crush the Hungarian army.

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